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Spice Up Your Winter

Spice Winter
Get Spicy

Frost is slowly creeping up on your window sill. Once again, Old Man Winter is making his presence known, bringing on the ice and snow. You knew this day would come. You shake your head, reminding yourself that Halloween is over. So, stop scaring yourself! It is inevitable that we are going to be hit by winter because it’s Alberta. And in this province, we get some chilly weather.

Luckily, we don’t have to take it sitting down but cooking up a storm. This matters because spices make our foods flavourful as well as healthier. We have some special ingredients in spices that will keep us going during the colder months that we face. What would those spices be?  What can I use them for? Well, here are some simple suggestions that would make a fantastic feast.

So, you see, a little spice can help with a bland feeling winter. We Canadians (particularly Albertans) know how to keep warm in the wintertime. Whether it is a sassy drink or a sweet dessert, our weather will never get us down. So, grab a hot toddy and a piece of monkey bread while you sit by the window watching the snowfall. Accompanied by a snuggly blanket and a pet, you can wait out the winter in comfort. 

Spice Winter
Where are those spices?

Special Thanks to:

Culinaire Magazine: For giving me a chance to write this.


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