About The Blog

You’re probably wondering, what will this blog do for me? The answer is simple. I’m looking to reach out to the writers, dreamers, travellers, and anyone who has a thirst for adventure.  This is a fictional short story blog where different writers, including myself can post their work.  My first intention for this blog is to help other writers get their names out there whether they are famous veterans or someone just starting out.   The possibilities are endless. 


The second intention I have for this blog is to share my work with the world.  My stories are based on places that I have visited or lived in. You will see lots of local hidden gems, cool secrets, and fun adventures that are featured in my stories. My fictional genres tend to be magical realism, supernatural mysteries, a little horror, and a dash of romance. My hope is to not only entertain you but to inspire you to check out these locations and maybe try something new.


I’ve been a blogger since January 2015. I have been experimenting with different niches since I’m interested in a lot of things. But I figured out how I can combine all the things I love plus help out local businesses and other writers.


I’m into travel, I’m a huge foodie, and I live for adventure. But most of all I love magical tales. It’s stories like “Mistress of Spices” by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni or “Garden Spells” by Sarah Addison Allen that make me want to get up and make some magic happen. I wanted to be a writer for as long as I could remember and being a freelance writer is something I'm passionate about.  My mother once told me, that as soon as I could walk, I just wanted to climb, jump, and explore everything.  Then I would come up with a story to describe what I did from saving a fairy to fighting a dragon.  Since my childhood, all I wanted to do was go on daring adventures and then tell stories about them. That’s how this blog came to be.


So, if you have a story to share please see my short story submission page on how you can share your story on my blog.  Or if you want something fun to read, would like me to write a story, know a place that I should check out, or just want to find some inspiration for your next big adventure subscribe to my site, say hello to me on social media, or leave comments on my posts. I always love to see your suggestions, comments, and/or ideas. It’s the readers that always make my day.



Make some magic everyone!