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About Me

My name is Erika Ravnsborg.  I’m a writer/blogger/adventurer/explorer.  I’ve been a writer my whole life and a blogger since January 2015.  I have taken many different writing courses and have a studied many different subjects from business to holistic health. So, there are several niches that I can write insightful and entertaining pieces about. 


I’m into travel, I’m a huge foodie, and I live for adventure. My mother once told me, that as soon as I could walk, I just wanted to climb, jump, and explore everything. Since my childhood, all I wanted to do was go on daring adventures and then tell stories about them..


So, if you need a freelance writer/blogger with a love for the written word and fair prices, I’m your woman.  Being a freelance writer is something I'm passionate about and I am fearless when it comes to a good story.  Whether it is to write a travel article, short story, or posts for a local business, you get nothing less than the best. 


This blog will not just provide you something fun to read, but it also doubles as my portfolio of the kind of work I do.  So if you would like me to write a story, know a place that I should check out, or just want to find some inspiration for your next big adventure subscribe to my site, say hello to me on social media, or leave comments on my posts. You can also contact me via Contact page.  I always love to see your suggestions, comments, and/or ideas. It’s the readers that always make my day.



Lets make some magic everyone!

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