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The Potion Room

*** 3.5/5 Stars ***

The Potion Room
Have a sip of something

Magic in a cocktail glass. That is what is promised here and it was absolutely delivered. JK Rowling would be proud to visit this little haven where enchantment can be found in a single sip of these creative concoctions. This place may not have a perfect score out of the 3.5 stars given but it is worth experiencing all of these fabulous potions that they create.

The ambiance brings you to the secret underbelly of Hogwarts. A spectacular speakeasy that the professors of the elite school would come here to take a load off. Floating candles, twinkling lights, and a little bit of romantic goth thrown in for good measure. A perfect place to sit for a spell.

The Potion Room
A Mysterious Location

The group ordered the nachos as a snack to go with our drinks and they were the best nachos ever! Loved the chipotle drizzle on top of them, and the added bonus of black beans, corn, and other kinds of veggies that a lot of restaurants don't put on. It was also great that they had the sour cream and salsa on the side. Some people don't like having these ingredients actually plopped on top like a lot of places do.

Now we come to the drinks. Why people like to come to this lounge in the first place. Although on the pricy side, these drinks are presented in a way that makes a person believe that the impossible is possible. In other words, magic! They serve your chosen drink on a special tray with the props and presentations that this beverage is based on. Then as you drink it, you realize how delicious magic can taste. These potions were clearly well thought out and special in their own captivating way.

The Potion Room
Whip up a Little Something?

What we ordered was the Tricky Pixie Dust and Unicorn Blood. Both came with a story, and a small task you must do. It provided a lot of laughter and fun to our evening. This is truly something a person can't miss.

Sadly, this is a 3.5 star experience because of the service we had. When I came in, the server told me that we only had an hour and a half to stay. Which of course, our party agreed to but that turned out not to be the case. The second incident was the busser was clearing our table even though jackets were placed there as a sign that people were sitting there. We had to stop him obviously. It took a long time to order and get what we asked for. The servers did not seem as prepared as you would hope when you go to a restaurant. When we ordered our nachos we did not get smaller plates to eat them with and we had to ask for utensils and napkins. This is why they had be docked points.

The Potion Room
The Head Potion Brewer

Luckily, they were still good and friendly. They also showed a lot of enthusiasm when presenting our cocktails to us. So that was greatly appreciated.

All and all this was a great experience, and would love to explore more of what they have to offer. They just need to fix their problems when it comes to customer service, paying attention, and preparations. Perhaps it was the curse of Friday the 13th.

Special Thanks goes to:

The Potion Room: For fantastic drinks and a fun place to find them. Cheers!


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