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Hawthorne Dining Room - Afternoon Tea Review

***** 5/5 Stars *****

Hawthorn's Best
Tasty Treats

This was the best place to have a birthday! My friends and I had the Hawthorn Dining Room's afternoon tea as a celebration. It was filled with joyous surprises, happy faces, and lots of laughter. They made a birthday girl feel like a princess.

The atmosphere in this place is surreal. You often feel like you walked into a massive European castle with it's high ornate walls, glittering chandeliers, and specially-themed décor. A person could walk in and swear they were somewhere in an enchanted land.

The staff here were absolutely super to us. They welcomed us to our table which was in a wonderful spot right next to the fireplace. We all got a free glass of champagne for each of us (a bigger one for the birthday girl), and an extra dish of the best ever chocolate mousse with a sparkler that a girl could ask for. All of it was such a wonderful surprise and made our birthday party a success. Our server was super nice to us. She was happy to see us, made us laugh, and she knew the menu backwards, forwards, and sideways. She was most impressive and deserves a raise if not huge credit.

Hawthorne's Tea selection
Tantalizing Teas

Last but not least is the food. As my friend next to me said, "Magnificent!" And he was absolutely right but I would like to add, "Brilliant," "Gorgeous," and "Heavenly." I don't think I have ever had food that tasted as incredible as I did at this tea. the butter scones just melted in my mouth with the cream and jam being the perfect compliment to them. Each sandwich was unique and tasty that gives a person an adventure in different flavour profiles. The little desserts on the top was like tasting happiness and love with each bite. It made us smile, have fun flutters in our bodies, and uplifted our souls. Full compliments to the chef(s).

I can't thank you all enough for making this birthday a wonderful one. We all left full, happy, and being unable to stop talking at how great everything was. Will definitely have to come back, even if its just for a simple drink.

This way to Hawthorne
Welcome to our HUMBLE local hotel

Find them here: 133 9 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2M3.

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