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Monki's Breakfast Club & Bistro: Beltline Review

*** 3.5/5 Stars *** Monki's Breakfast Review

Monki's Breakfast Club & Bistro sign
Classic Brick Makes a Beltline Statement

I have recently dined at a restaurant in the Beltine community called Monki's. The atmosphere is a great one. Urban chic and uptown funk are mixed together in perfect harmony. That especially rings true with the tunes that they were playing inside. You can tell that all the trendy artists and musicians would feel at home in such a place.

The food itself is quite nice but being a vegetarian I felt that there were not a lot of options that I could enjoy. There are certainly some unique dishes that a person could enjoy. I ordered the Monki Chocolate Fondue. It was tasty but I didn't get a lot of fruit I would have liked more. With it I got the matcha, pink, and hazelnut chocolates to dip in. I liked 2/3 of them. I really wanted something that was just plain milk chocolate or some other form of it. I hope that they can get something like that someday.

Only in Beltline
Some Unique Art Outside Monki's

The workers were friendly enough when i could get their attention. Sadly, I felt ignored for a good while that I was there. I had spilled some of my hot water and it just sat like that for twenty minutes. I understand that they are busy and perhaps even understaffed but I still would like some more attention especially if the lowest tip I am to give them is 18%. Their knowledge of the menu is good and they can certainly answer any questions that a person has.

I remember coming there for last year's YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and I had loved what they had created with their cinnamon bun hot chocolate. I really enjoyed that. Unfortunately, my experience here certainly did not reflect my first impression and that was disappointing. I hope that they will do better in the future. I would like to come back sometime and see some improvement.

For Breakfast
Monki's Chocolate Fondue

Monki's Breakfast Club and Bistro: 1301 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0J4.

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