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The Pigeonhole

3/5 stars ***

This is a nice place but... Yeah here is the story. The outside looks a little sketchy and dirty but once you get inside, you see the true beauty of this place. The ambience is really cool. I love the brick and mortar feel with it's red chandelier as a pop of color and statement piece. It's like stepping into a place where time has stood still.

Our server was great! He really took care of us and made sure that we were enjoying our time there. No matter how busy he was he made sure to stop and see us. He knew the menu well and made some good suggestions. A big thank you to him.

Sadly, there are some big downsides. There is not a lot of options especially for those who love a vegetarian fare. I didn't see a whole lot of items for anyone who has other dietary restrictions either. So that is a reason that I docked it a star.

Now here is another reason why I docked it another star. For what we got, it was sure expensive. Yes it was delicious but it costs a lot of money to just have an egg on some toast with a little cheese foam. Then there was the eggs, toast, and salad that my friend had gotten. Again it was lovely but to have to pay so much for that ($20+) just doesn't seem right. This is the kind of thing you can make at home and not break the bank account.

All in all, this was a pleasant experience but a person sure has to pay for it. Frankly, if I have to spend a pretty penny for my food, I would want something that I would not be able to make myself. It needs to be more elevated and unique.

Where to Find it:

306 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0A8,

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