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Hopping For Chocolate

Springtime is coming. When we think of spring we're reminded of fresh flowers, baby chicks hatching from their eggs, and cute bunny rabbits hopping around in a green meadow. As this is Alberta, we don't see much of that during this time. Instead, we still have snow on the icy ground, chicks stay inside their shells, and wild hares dodging our moving cars.

Speaking of shells, it brings to mind the wide and ubiquitous range of hollow chocolate bunnies gracing the shelves of our big box and drug stores - a hollow shell themselves of the promise of good chocolate. Is it good enough to have a big chocolate bunny that skirts the definition of chocolate?

We wanted to find out more, and reached out to a number of local, premium, specialty chocolatiers, and asked them more about this well-loved treat.

To read the whole story see it here:

Special Thanks to:

Culinaire Magazine: For allowing me to write this article and to be featured.


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