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Where It's At: February

Lets open our hearts!

It’s February now and things are starting to liven up again. With Valentine’s Day around the corner and Family Day coming up this is a perfect time to share some fun times with the ones you love. Luckily, we have a long list of fun times to be had this month. Whether it is taking out a good group of friends, a family outing to entertain the kids, or a date night out with your sweetheart, these events are just what you are looking for. What are these happenings, you may be asking? Here is what’s going on:

Now that we have made our way safely into the new year that means we got some new activities to look forward to. February is the month when we are usually settled into the new year and making some plans. Don’t forget to stop and have a little fun on the way. After all, fun helps you with the fundamentals of life. Keep smiling Calgary!

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