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Funky Flavours of YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest
So Much Chocolate!

For its 13th year the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest has not only gotten bigger but the flavours are even more original.  So much so that there will be four categories instead of three this year.  These categories are: Best Hot Chocolate, Best Spirited Hot Chocolate, the Most Sold (as were the categories last year), and the Most Creative. Which one will be the winner of this newest category?  Only time can truly tell but here are some strong contenders and why they are being mentioned.

With 103 vendors creating their own special concoctions for the public to try, it is true that anyone of them could be the winner.  However, when you buy a special hot chocolate this month you will be helping our local Meals on Wheels charity.  This aid organization helps those who can’t afford a good meal actually have one delivered to their home.  And it is thanks to the donations from these hot bevvies that are being sold.  This way everybody wins! 

Special Thanks goes to:

The Everyday Tourist: For giving me a chance to write this article on their site:

Calgary Meals on Wheels: For putting on this festival in the first place and helping the hungry.

All who participate in this contest: Each of your hot chocolates are helping those who cannot afford a good meal.

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