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What's Happening in October

What's Happening here?

Is everybody ready for the “Monster Mash?” Because when October hits that is when all the spooky sights hit the streets and beyond. This year is no exception and not just because of the pumpkin spice lattes. So, whether you have your costume ready or not, the excitement is going to come in full force all month long. Get your pumpkins bumpkins because in our beautiful city, we got a whole lot of haunting to do. Here is a list full of fang-tastic fun to look forward to.

Any month where you get to dress up in costumes, eat candy, and go ghost hunting is always a great time. Who knew that an ancient Celtic festival could turn into one of the most enjoyable holidays that we celebrate today? Tomorrow we are going to have to pull out our winter jackets, warm sweaters, and woolly boots. But for right now, lets enjoy the Thriller dance, costume contests, and carnivals of crazies. Watch those cauldrons folks because you don’t want them to over boil and bubble.

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