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The Doppelganger

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

The Mirror

The mirror showed a reflection that wasn't my own. It was a ghastly rendition of what could be me but something dark and twisted that took on my skin. The eyes were the same lake blue but lifeless and without emotion. My black hair that is normally voluminous wavy is stringy and limp on this reflection. The skin on its face was pale and sickly like it belonged on a dead girl.

I tried to move but it was like I was frozen in place. All I could do was turn my neck and look around. I was alone in my bedroom and no one was in my house. Even though it seemed pointless, I tried calling out to see if someone would come.

“Hello!” I screamed out but strangely I did not hear my own voice. Puzzled, I tried yelling out again. “Can someone help me?!”

Again, there was no sound coming out of my mouth. Whatever was going on, I had no control over it. I was silent and stuck. So, I looked towards the mirror again. This thing, whatever it was still lingered in the mirror. It just stared at me without any expression on the frightful dead-looking face.

In a matter of seconds, the mouth of my reflection opened as if it was trying to yell out to me. There was nothing to be heard from this creature. It’s hands came up to touch each cheek. The right hand went to the hair while the left hand dropped down to the chin. Its fingers curled, gripping whatever kind of flesh it could grab. It started ripping out its hair in large chunks and the flesh on its chin peeled off like rotten meat on a chicken bone.

I watched in horror as this thing tore off the skin on its face. What was left was nothing but a skull bone and eyes that went from blue to an opaque white. It dropped whatever chunks it ripped off itself and it’s skeletal fingers started to reach out towards me. These arms stretched out through the mirror. It wanted me! It was going to kill me!

The Doppelganger

Finally, able to move, I grabbed a hold of that mirror and did the one thing that I could think of to it. I smashed it to the ground. The pieces of this mirror scattered into millions of shards all over the floor. I took a sigh of relief thinking that this was over. This thing could not get me now but I was wrong.

Out of two of the bigger shards, these arms grabbed a hold of my ankles. I tried to move away but these bony arms would not relent in letting me go. Instead, it pulled me to the ground. The broken mirror started to take on its original shape. The zombie-like me was clear as day even if the mirror still looked shattered. It pulled me, trying to bring me into the mirror. I clung to the carpet but to no avail. This creature was too strong to fight. I can not win this.

I wake up, sweating profusely in my bed. I looked around my bedroom and the first thing that I looked at was my mirror. It has not changed, but I did see that there was one crooked crack going across it.

To this day, I don’t know what it was that I experienced. Was it all just a dream and the crack across my mirror was just a coincidence? Or did I have an encounter with a doppelganger from those strange stories I heard on the internet? I have never told this story until now. What do you think it is?

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