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Calling in the Air

“Attention all passengers and flight personnel.” The speakers in the plane announced. “We are coming up to a wind storm that will cause some turbulence. Please stay seated and calm as we navigate through this.”

Calling in the Air
The plane in the air

Lily sits in her seat and looks out the window. She can see the black clouds form right before her eyes. They were so dark that she could not see past them. A sick fearful feeling creeps into her gut. There is no way that this is just an ordinary storm.

A shudder hits the plane and the lights begin to flash. On and off the darkness enveloped the whole cabin. The people around her start to gasp and shriek. A buzz from the speakers sounds.

“Ladies… Gentleman… Please remain c…” Are the only words that came out before the speakers fizzled out completely.

With the lights still flashing, the cabin begins to shake harder than ever. People begin to scream and shout in their seats. Lily watches the flight attendants run down the aisle trying to soothe the passengers down. When one of them trips, the female attendant behind her struggles to help her up. The only thing she accomplished is falling on top of her. As the cabin of the plane shakes harder, panic fills in the seats with the sounds of screeches and cries.

Lily sits in her seat frozen. Fear has a crushing grip on her heart and it will not let it go. She leans back in her chair and allows her tears fall down her cheeks. A large streak of lightning flashes outside her window. It is like that jolt is trying to kill them all.

Calling in the Air
Lightning Strikes

“So, this is how I die?” She thinks to herself and turns her tearful face to look out the window.

What she sees, she does not expect. Little balls of light fly in random directions. They do not look like lightning. In fact, Lily finds herself being unfrozen from the terror and leaning towards the window to get a closer look. These little lights have an odd shape to them. She could not be sure but these lights look like they have the shape of slender looking women with long hair. They are so beautiful.

One of them stops at her window. This one looks like a picture of a mermaid in a fairy-tale book that she had read when she was a child. It was her favorite book growing up but she always found the ending very sad when she did not get her prince. Instead, she became some kind of spirit that must help others for many years to come.

Lily gazes at this sprite and wonders if this is her. She puts her hand to the glass and the sprite reciprocates by putting her tiny luminescent hand to the window. An eerie stillness washes over Lily, as the cabin lights come back on and the shaking ceases. Lily looks to around her and sees that everyone has stopped worrying.

Calling in the Air
The Sprite

“Good evening passengers.” The speakers broadcast out all over the room. “We have passed the storm and smooth sailing can be assured for the rest of your flight. We are sorry for any inconvenience and distress. Thank you again for flying Westjet.”

Relieved laughter comes out from each passenger. Many give their seatmates a hug and joy radiates from each person throughout the room. The two flight attendants who fell picked each other up and give off glowing smiles to the passengers.

“Champagne for everyone!” Calls out a wealthy looking passenger in the front row with the large seats.

A cheer from the crowd sounds in the room and Lily turns to look out her window. The bright sprite along with the storm is no longer there. Questions fill her mind but the one that sticks out the most is: Was it just a hallucination? Or did a spirit from the air just call out to her?

Special Thanks goes to:

Westjet: For providing safe and convient transportation to all.

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