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The Cold Garden Beverage Company - Review

***** 5/5 Stars *****

Cold Garden
Welcome Folks!

How would you describe the Cold Garden Beverage Company? That's easy: Chaotic, fun, friendly, and a blast of serendipity. As soon as you are in the presence of this place you find yourself smiling.

The atmosphere alone is filled with colours, bright lights, and knickknacks that you would not think would belong anywhere and yet it all fits there. The theme of this place is clearly inclusive happiness. Everyone and everything belongs there. The patio is filled with different and unique seating arrangements. From multicoloured wooden lawn chairs to wicker sofas under tents, you will find the best spot to relax.

The service and the people are equally as vibrant as the space itself. The employees cheerfully greets you as soon as you step up to make your order. They are so welcoming that they ask you questions such as, "How was your day?" and "What brings you to us?" It is good to see that these folks are so open-hearted that they want to get to know you. Not too many places do that and it is as refreshing as the drinks.

Not so Cold Garden
Doesn't Look so Cold!

The Cold Garden has several options for the beer lovers out there. Each original flavour is meant to spark your interest and push a person to try something new. A good way to get out of your comfort zone or if you are a beer-connoisseur looking to find a new favourite.

This was a great place to hang out for the late afternoon/early evening. It should also be noted that if you are hungry you can bring in your own takeout or order from Skip-the-Dishes. Kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and people-friendly this place doesn't just deserve two thumbs up but five. Thank you Cold Garden Brewery for just being you. Cheers!

Cold Garden Cold Drinks
Grab a Cold One

Where to Find this Place: 1100 11 St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4T3,

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