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Pets and Social Media

Since 1997 when the first of social media has begun, it has only grown in leaps and bonds. It’s just like that lovable little puppy running in the field and in the blink of an eye they become a big boisterous dog. Just like that little puppy, social media has become one of the biggest tools for reaching out to animal shelters and rescue agencies alike. In this technological day-and-age it is important to embrace the times and the changes that come with it. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society’s (AARCS) realizes that everything is on computers and the internet these days. Social media is big and it comes with many benefits that helps AARCS to spread the message of the mission. These benefits are: As you can see, there are so many reasons why AARCS and several other shelters use social media. The only downfall of it is that it is addicting especially when you are admiring those uber cute animal pictures and videos. That said, it is still an amazing cause. These earthly sweethearts need a home so gaze on our Instagram or any of our other platforms and get social! We want to hear from you.

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Special Thanks to:

AARCS: For giving these wonderful animals their furever homes and giving me a chance to write for them. 5060 – 74 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB, T2C 3C9


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