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Mom's Food Truck Frenzy

What’s a good way to show your mother how much you love her? Some people would bring her

Food Trucks

flowers and chocolates while others would take her out for a nice breakfast. However, the good folks at the Killarney-Glengarry Community Association (KGCA) at 2828 28 Street Southwest had another idea. On Sunday, May 14, 2023, all moms got a carnation and some delectable food from our local food trucks. The Community Food Truck Group who prides themselves on bringing communities together with good food were parked in the parking lot. By the looks of the customers who lined up, I would say that their motto is correct. Here are the food trucks that were featured at this event:

Mini Donuts Canada: If you are craving something sweet and fatty look no further than one of Calgary’s favourite staples (especially during Stampede). It’s not just mini donuts that they specialize in but also snow-cones, lemonade, coffee (which includes ice-caps), popsicles, and other ice cream treats. The amazing thing about this food truck is that it is completely powered by the solar panels it is equipped with. It’s nice to know that in a small way, they are an environmentally conscious business.

look at those line-ups
Choices for Food

Perogy Boyz: Created in 2011, the Perogy Boyz truly believe in doing great things in all of their endeavours. Whether it is customer service, helping out the community, or creating unique and delicious perogies, you are promised something wonderful when it comes out of their truck. You can have their Traditional meal with a sausage, caramelized onions, perogies, sour cream, fresh dill and chives or their Huevos Rancheros meal with an egg, perogies, guacamole, sour cream (again), homemade salsa, and smoked bacon. So, no matter when you are wanting some good Eastern European delicacies, they can clearly go with everything.

The Dogfather: One of the first businesses to start a food truck; these guys have over 35 years experience serving customers. As this business is locally minded, they have supported many of Calgary’s fundraisers and charities such as Calgary Pride, the Boys and Girls Club, Skipping Stone, and many others. All of their ingredients are locally sourced and are the freshest quality. With over 25 flavour combinations, they respect all dietary restrictions and do what they can to give the public their best. They are not known as Calgary’s most famous hotdogs and smokies for nothing.

All kinds of Customers!

Viet 2 Go: If you are looking for something with a zesty Asian flare then look no further than this truck. It was created by Chef Din who has over 19 years experience creating simple yet sophisticated dishes from Vietnam. They are bringing something special from their home country to our avenues. If you are looking for an exotic treat like a bubble tea, spring rolls, or a lovely grill in a variety of elements you are bound to find it here. The best part is, there is no MSG to be found in their bites.

The Burrito Mexican Food Truck: Owned by real people from Mexico, this family run eatery is bringing some authentic Mexican cuisine to the people of Calgary. Real homemade dishes are created in this truck with the best ingredients and is gluten free. If you look at their menu, you will be transported to those colourful vibrant streets where margaritas are flowing and street tacos are number one. They have a flavour for each palate.

As you can see there was enough variety for people who have different tastes and moods. Just like our moms, each person has their own unique needs but one thing we all share is a love of food and sunshine. When it comes to warm weather, the best thing a person can do is find a surprise food festival hidden in their neighborhood. There is a quote from Yotam Ottolenghi that stated, “Food can bring people together in a way nothing else could.” This event proves how true that statement is especially when its a meal on wheels. One veggie dog please!

Special Thanks goes to:

All the mom's out there: You are all special! Thank you for your love.

Killarney-Glengarry Community Association (KGCA): For setting this all up for us.

Community Food Truck Group: For giving us access to all of this amazing food.

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