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Model Milk; Restaurant Review

**** 4/5 Stars ****

This is a good place for anyone who loves a little haute cuisine. The location is conveniently laid on the busy streets of 17th Ave where a lot of traffic (both foot and car) can be found. It's easy to just walk in and find a place to sit.

Very cool
Milk that Models

On the inside, the atmosphere is brick-and-mortar meets modern technology. It like the perfect place to hang out when you want a steampunk experience. It is certainly a fun place to find yourself in.

The service is top-notch. Our server knew everything there was to know about the menu. He helped us when we were unsure of what to order, he knew which dishes were vegetarian, and he knew how to handle some fun-loving women just having a good time. Top marks for him. He also served our food an

d drinks at good time so for this I cannot complain.

The food was delicious. I ordered the pasta that they had and it was creamy, and full of delectable flavours that a person would not expect would go together. Who knew that cheese, mint, and jalapenos would go together? Genius.

The only problem with this is, it was a small portion. I felt I didn't get enough. With the prices that they have on these meals I would like to be well-fed for it. Sadly, I did leave the restaurant hungry and had to have a snack when I got home. It's a shame.

Pasta dish
Wanna bite?

All-in-all, the experience here was very good. it wasn't perfect but that is okay. We had an enjoyable evening, the staff were friendly and knew their stuff, and the food delicious. It just needed a little more of it to be completely satisfying. Thanks for the experience Model Milk!

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