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Merchants: Restaurant Review

*****5/5 Stars*****

Merchants Beautiful Patio
Best Patio!

A hot Wednesday night, riding a bike with a friend, we decided to stop and have some bubbles. This is just what we got at Merchants and much more. Sitting out on that beautiful patio, we were surrounded by plants, umbrellas (sigh... such relief), and good vibes. this place has a modern feel but nothing that is intimidating or pretentious. It is open and welcoming.

Merchants Food Review
Something Yummy to Nosh on

Our server was a sweetheart, she greeted us with a smile and was accepting of our questions. If she did not know the answer she would get them for us quickly. She was fast with our food and beverages. She also went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable as seating was limited around there. It was a sultry night so it makes sense that people would take advantage of that. Luckily this is a place where we could make being social easy.

Modern Merchants
It's on the Inside

The food and drinks are absolutely wonderful! For drinks we shared a bottle of Mionetto Prosecco. This sparking wine is a perfect example of why biking and bubbles go together. It has crispness of apple with a delicate taste of grape which makes it the perfect pairing with our eats. Our dishes are the zesty guacamole dip and the mouth-wateringly creamy roasted mushroom ravioli. Each bite was different and delectable. Both dishes should not be missed.

The Reason to come to Merchants
Pop that Bubbly!

While we were here, we did not want to leave. New friends were made and the night came faster than we had anticipated. Too bad time could not stand still. Thanks for a wonderful evening Merchants. Cheers.

You can find them here at: 2118 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 1Z6,

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