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Man I Feel Like a Women's Show!

The Women's Entrance
The Women's Expo

The ultimate girl’s night out has just gotten a lot bigger! On the weekend of April 21, Calgary was hit with a feminine storm at the BMO Centre. The perfect weekend where you and your girlfriends could get a lot done in such a short time. Local vendors had set up shop to share their goods and services that are beneficial to all the city’s ladies. At $15.00 per ticket and a large gift bag given at the entrance, it is clear that Calgary cares about a woman’s wellbeing. Starting with giving her an enjoyable experience.

A person can get some clothing shopping done there easily. High-end designers and consignment owners worked side by side to give women a fashion experience that lifted their spirits. A person can have a lot of inspiration there when it comes to clothes. As spring is here it is all about getting rid of the old stuff and finding a new item that makes you feel like a fashionista.

What Women Want
The man, the Bachelor

If you want to feel refreshed and vibrant, they also had a few beauty bars set up. If you were looking for a makeover, facial, or even a massage (perhaps all three 😉) you are set. Throughout the center, almost in every corner you would have found a portable spa to sign up at for a treatment. They were mostly inexpensive but sometimes they are even free. Worth a stop but you have to have some patience as they had a long waitlist. But when you get that treatment, your patience is well worth it.

So, you’ve got a fabulous new outfit, and feeling great after your beauty treatment. So, what’s next? How about you take your fabulous self and listen to some entertaining lectures? If you are a fan of “the Bachelor,” you could sit and listen to Peter Weber talk about his experiences on the show. Or if you were looking for something a little more educational you can always go to the “Life & Learning Stage,” and hear some of their health talks. It’s always important to learn what is going on with our bodies and minds.

After such an eventful couple of hours it might be time to hangout in the Sip ‘N Social lounge. A great way to enjoy a good glass of wine and meet some new people. Or just relax, eat some chocolate-dipped strawberries, and go through all the free goodies that you got in your gift bag. No matter what you have chosen, you had a smile on your face knowing that you checked out this marvelous event.

Women's Best Friend
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Everyone needs a day where they can go out and feel better about the world in general. It’s true that life can be tough but there are always kind things you can do for yourself and others. The women’s show did this for ladies of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and needs. Allow yourself or someone you love to come to events like this where your heart and soul can be lifted. Even if it is just for a short time.

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