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Irish Eyes are Smiling

The green is everywhere. People are dressed in their finest green clothes, feeling a little frisky thanks to that touch of spring in the air. It is March and the leprechauns are coming out to play. You can almost hear the lively f

lute music soar along with the sparrows singing their way out of winter.

After you picked up your Saint Patrick’s Day party gear of green hats, beads, and “Kiss me I’m Irish” T-shirts, you are off to find that one special venue to throw the best jig ever! Luckily in Calgary, there are several good options for those love to celebrate all things from The Emerald Isle.

Here are a couple of places that are Saint Paddy’s approved:

Special Thanks to:

The YYscene and Mike Bell: For taking me on as one of his writers and just being genuinely awesome!

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