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Going for the Ultimate Halloween Party

***** 5/5 Stars *****

Ultimate Halloween
Get Ready to Party!

Now that one of the world's favourite holiday is over, it never hurts to remember what you did that frightening night. That is what the good people at the Menagerie Cakes and Parties created for Calgary on the previous Saturday. At the Wyckham House in the Mount Royal University, a haunted gathering was created which means the ultimate Halloween party. It was full of characters and creatures that were meant to beguile as well as blow your mind. These people sure know how to dress to impress. It was really fun to see the Flinstones and the Super Mario Brothers all in one place.

Upon arriving you get a glowing wrist band (if you are single) and a glittering ghost pin (if you are a VIP). When you arrive inside the venue the first thing you get is a free cocktail of your choice. The Dark & Stormy is perfect for those who are looking for a spicy yet ginger tingling drink to sate their thirst. But the tastiest one is the Blood Moon Punch where you get a piece of licorice to go with it. It was a sweet and sour treat that is not meant to trick but gets a party started with your tastebuds.

Ultimate Halloween
Let the Games Begin

As this is Halloween, there is nothing but candy to be enjoyed. From a large cake to cupcakes and mini-chocolate bars you are not lacking in sugar. There is also popcorn and a possible poison apples (from the bobbing for apples game) to enjoy. The cupcakes were an absolute delight. With the classic flavours of chocolate and vanilla being the started as it is decorated with green or orange icing while ghosts and goblins being displayed on them. Despite being the classic of desserts these were anything but ordinary. It was like being transported back to childhood.

The night starts out with a rousing scavenger hunt that is meant to have a person explore the party and make some new friends. All of which is achieved at this adventuresome event. At each game when you finish you get a riddle that is given to you by the host. Once you find out what the answers are to these questions you get a clue. These clues will give you a word that once you have it, you have to turn it back in to the people at the scavenger hunt table. They will put your team name's down on a paper and you are eligible to win a mystery gift basket.

Ultimate Halloween
Bloody good Cocktails!

There are different games to play such as a revised version of bobbing for apples. This game has apples hanging from the ceiling and you have to bite into them without using your hands. It is actually harder than it sounds. There is brain toss game (bag toss), cupcake murder scene (similar to musical chairs), sucking up cherry candies with a straw, and tossing deadly (plastic) critters into cauldrons. And make sure you are up-to-date on your horror trivia. That is the only way to collect all of these clues.

The fun doesn't stop here. Not only do you get a whole bunch of games but you can know your future thanks to the resident fortune teller. He was pretty good and some people actually pay $100 for such a service when here you just need to be a VIP or four tickets. Some people don't believe in such things but you don't have to. It is an enjoyable experience no matter what you believe.

Now this would not be swinging shindig without the music and our 1960's hippies which includes Austin Powers would agree with this statement. The DJ, Split Circuit Sound sure knew how to spin those tunes. After the games have been complete and the costume contests done. The dancing took over. Playing all of the best Halloween hits like Michael Jackson's Thriller and Bobby Picket's Monster Mash while not forgetting the beats of today and yesterday. It was a night that you can get lost by dancing it away.

Ultimate Halloween
What Does the Future Hold?

This was a seasonal party to remember. The people are friendly, the activities a blast, and to see all the adorable black cats a person can adopt makes it all worth while. The fun was everywhere you turned to look. The only sad thing is, you didn't want it to end. Good job Menagerie Cakes and Parties. You made this Halloween a great one. Thanks!

Special Thanks goes to:

Menagerie Cakes and Parties: For making those delicious cupcakes and creating this party.

Mount Royal University: For providing the venue for the party.

AARCS: For sponsoring this event as well as showing off the black cats who are ready for adoption.

Ultimate Halloween
Crossing Many Black Cats Tonight


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