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Globalfest: Magic in the Air

Do you ever wish to go back to those moments when you were a kid? A time when you witness a marvel and feel the wonder of it take you over? This is what Globalfest does. For a short time, you watch a spectacle that brings you back to that captivating moment when you were a child and seeing the magic for the first time.

Explosions of Colour

For the last week of August down at Elliston Park in Southeast Calgary, a tableau of fireworks lights up the sky like bright summer flowers. However, it is not just fireworks. It is the music that goes with it as well. The fireworks dance to a careful selection of music that is meant to match a particular country of the night. Each note of the music sends a spark into the air like it was meant to sing out with the song.

It does not stop there. Sometimes these fireworks take on some unexpected shapes. Yes, shapes. A love song had played and suddenly the shapes of red hearts light up in the sky. Sure, you have to really spot them and use a little imagination but luckily, there is enough young hearts in the audience to notice them. It is amazing how some music and explosives that are in sync with each other make a person’s heart open and lifts your spirits.

Food Trucks Galore

Before the start of this amazing show, a person can get a bite to eat at one of the many food tents or trucks placed around the lake. There are several different choices for everyone whether they have dietary restrictions, choices, or just love food in general. There is something for everyone. Not all tents are food tents however. There are also tents that have local goods for sale if you want a souvenir to remember the night by.

A great souvenir would be to win their passport challenge which is two free tickets to anywhere in the world that Air Canada provides. The second prize is a trip for two anywhere in Canada also provided by Air Canada. There is clearly a theme going on there. Thank you, Air Canada, for giving out such amazing possible prizes to win. The passport challenge is a scavenger hunt game where a person has to go to different tents that represent different countries. While there you have answer the questions on the passport and get a stamp from the people running the tents. If you collect all of them, you enter the draw in hopes of getting those amazing prizes.

Fire one!

Let’s face it though, just being there to see these beautiful sparklers in the night, you have already won the biggest prize of them all. Witnessing such an art like this makes a person’s whole perspective come alive and even open their eyes to the magic of the world once again. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and keep your eyes open to the good folks at Globalfest. It doesn’t hurt to get next years tickets nice and early.

Special Thanks goes to:

Globalfest: Who put on this beautiful show for us.

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