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Fashion Tech at Telus Spark

Did you know that fashion and technology could come together and make something amazing? Well Telus Spark had an adult’s night only event that shows how true this is. On April 14 from 6:00PM-Midnight, a high-tech fashion show had taken place that had fashionistas and tech-lovers alike buzzing like bees on honeycomb. Telus Spark and MakeFashion have joined forces with some of the top designers in the industry to showcase a performance like no other. In a collision of art, science, technology and engineering you can see first hand how two seemingly different niches can come together. Justin Mulrain who is a model and content creator that works with national and international brands had hosted this event. He brought his fun personality, hilarious jokes, and good vibes to the stage. Telus Spark could not have had a better host.

High fashion has gotten a lot more luminescent with each article of clothing that passed on that runway. Each model had an outfit that showed just how technology and fashion can come together in the savviest way. A couple of women looked like they belonged in a ballet with their glowing tulle outfits. It seemed like “Swan Lake” had taken on a whole new meaning. If you are a fan of feathers, a model with large ostrich feathered fans with their own glowing lights put on a show that was more than a little stage-worthy. Her dance and poise brought a sense of showmanship to the world of science. The finale is a wonderful showstopper thanks to two aboriginal dancers who shined on that runway like two stars in the night sky. Animal lovers also got treated with fashions modeled on some furry canine friends thanks to the good people of PALS. Not just with light-up collars but little tuxedos and wagons to show off their absolute cuteness. It just goes to show that fashions are not just for humans either.

The audience had a chance to see what happens backstage in a fashion show as well. A group of people chose their model and dressed him or her up with ribbons, tinsel, faux-flowers, etc. Then when their teams were called it was time to strut their stuff down the runway, hoping to win over the audience with their creations. The one who had the best outfit got a prize from the fabulous gift shop. Not to mention some bragging rights.

And if you thought that a circus would not be involved then you were wrong. Calgary’s beloved night troupe, “Cirque de la Nuit” performed in various parts of the museum. Each player promised a routine that dazzled and entertained the public eye. They did not disappoint. A moustached-gentleman in a purple coat rode around on a light-up unicycle gave the first dose of whimsy to those who just walked through the door. Next you would catch a couple of stilt walkers who know how to manipulate those spinning scintillating props in the most hypnotic way. However, the favourite was clearly the hula-hoop dancer who knows how to draw a crowd with a couple of glittering hula-hoop tricks and an equally gleaming smile. The magicians were harder to find but when you do, they make fire fly out of thin air (literally).

The full-service bar inside certainly fits the program with its regal ambiance of star-like centerpieces, disco balls spreading beams of light, and servers radiating friendliness. The signature drink featured was called the “Purple Royal” which was a sparkling drink that glittered like a ray of sunshine. The taste of it was light and sweet like getting a kiss from a butterfly. A featured dish that was found at the eatery was called the “Tater-tot experience.” It was a pleasant surprise that would have any food critic singing its praises. There were three selections and the one that was ordered was the veggie-tot. Its ingredients included glazed carrots, parsnips, beets, candied walnuts, and arrabbiata sauce. All of these fixings were not overpowering but perfectly balanced and filled with flavours. The best part of it was that it was not too greasy and the vegetables had the perfect textures with a delectable crunch. Well worth having especially at only $12 each.

Between the fashion sets, you can spend it by dancing to DJ-Reno whose live music gets your feet going with his bubbly beats. His up-lifting works gets people’s bodies moving whether they are scientists or rhythm junkies. He fits into this event like fashion fits all people. Dancing is not all that you can do. A person could easily find a lot of activities to keep themselves occupied. If a person goes upstairs there are science games like the drums that measure your heartbeats, boxes that contain interesting smells where you must guess what they are, getting your picture taken with crazy props which will appear on a small screen, and laying on a bed of nails (ouch!). Or you can wander through the Wonderscapes which is on the ground floor. These interactive exhibits had you exploring into light-up igloos, throwing imaginary colourful paint onto a large canvas-like screen, and looking into a box of mirrors.

To spend an evening at a “Spark After Dark” event is a great way to bring out your inner child. You get free reign over all the games, the interactive exhibits, and see so many performances that we get to thank science for. The truth is we have a lot to thank science for and Telus Spark allows us to enjoy a playground just as much as learn from it. Because they add some wonderful cocktails features, that just makes it the icing on top of the space cake! So go and get yourself a slice of it next time.

A Special Thanks goes to:

TELUS Spark Science Centre: For making this one of the most magical nights that a person and their friends could ever have. 220 Saint George's Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 5T2.

PALS: For all the good work they do for these wonderful animals. 3019 21 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7T1,

Cirque de la Nuit: For making each performance unforgettable.

Justin Mulrain: For being the best host ever!

DJ Reno: For setting the mood and making it extra fun!

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