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El Furniture Warehouse on Stephan Avenue

***** 5/5 Stars *****

A fun and cozy place to stop for a bite is at the El Furniture Warehouse on Stephan Ave!

So good!
El Furniture Warehouse has great burgers!

It is a busy place and it's for good reason. Inside you will find unique upcycled décor that gives a rustic yet fun ambiance where there are so many pieces to look at. Still, there is also a comfortable feeling where you have walked into a place that is warm and welcoming.

Our server was just that to our little group. She clearly knows how to give good customer service. She knew the menu inside and out, gave good suggestions, and was patient with us when we were not sure what to have when an item of the menu wasn't available. However, with great cheer, she announced that something was back and got what we ordered. Despite being busy, our server checked in with us and was very speedy when it came to getting our meals.

Our meals were absolutely delicious. It was impressive to see that such good food wasn't so crazy expensive when we ordered it. There was a little nervousness that the dishes were going to be smaller than what we had thought due to the price. However, this was not the case at all. Things here were a good sized and sated our hunger perfectly.

What we ordered was a couple of power-bowls and some garlic cheese sticks as an appetizer. The power-bowls were fresh, flavourful and full of amazing textures. We had some tang and zip thanks to the dressing. The vegetables had a lovely crunch and crispiness where it should. The rice was perfectly cooked and the protein added created a nice balance to the whole thing. The garlic cheese bread was a pleasant temperature and with all that melted cheese made a person have the kind of comfort that food should bring. The marinara sauce that came with it was a little cool but the tomato, basil savouriness more than makes up for it.

If you are looking to have a nice night out with a loved one but have a budget that you must keep, this is the place to go. This is a place that is good for a date night, birthday party with friends, or you are taking in a play at one of the theatres near by. Check in today because you will leave feeling happy.


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