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Cinco De Mayo at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino

Mariachi Band in the Streets of Mexico
Mariachi Band in the Streets of Mexico

Every year on May the fifth, the good people of Mexico celebrate a holiday that has a great deal of significance to their culture. Cinco De Mayo is the celebration of Mexico’s victory over the invading French forces during the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Because they managed to win this war, the people of Mexico got to keep their culture in tact. So, you can see why they would celebrate this as a national holiday.

In Mexico, you will find that during this day there are parades, street foods, dressing up, and dancing. The mariachi music fills the air as people dance in several public places. The whirl of the colourful skirts that spin when the dancers sway is like watching flowers travel in the tropical breeze. And the smell of churros and spicy tacos give you that warm feeling of freedom and what it must taste like.

Although there was a pocketful of celebrations here in Calgary during this day, the Deerfoot Inn and Casino put on one of the biggest celebrations to be had. Taken place at the Wild Horse Pub, it had margarita specials, various flavours of tacos, and a dance floor where people could salsa the day away. The place was packed with people. It was hard to get a seat but when you are amongst good company, you will find the perfect spot to enjoy the party.

Salsa anyone?
Yummy Salsa!

The Wild Horse Pub is low-key eatery but it is clean and has an open concept which makes it easy to navigate around. There wasn’t a lot of decoration but the vibes were very much alive in there. The disco lights lit up the dance floor and it is the people dressed up in their best vacation clothes that made this celebration stand out. The music playing was with two bands; the Los Majes Band who played at 6 PM and Silly Wabbit at 10 PM. There was no way that a person would sit all night long when the dance floor called to all kinds of people. A perfect way to shake and shimmy the night away.

The tacos and margarita specials added a little spice to the event. At $6 per taco a person had five flavours to choose from. They had chicken, beef, pork, prawn, and tofu. It seems like the chicken was the most popular but personally the tofu was quite enjoyable. With three different tortillas to choose from (corn, flour, or hard-shell) a person no matter what their dietary restrictions are can enjoy a taste of what Mexico gives us. The best compliment that goes with these tacos are the margaritas. Those who like a classic can surely enjoy a lime margarita with their meal but to those who love an adventure, the mango jalapeno margarita will have your tongue dancing.

Taco time
Have a Taco

The best part of all with this event was the people. Those who kept a person company and the ones that served them all played a part. The servers were super busy thanks to the place being packed but their welcoming behavior and jovial presence never wavered once throughout the night. The patrons were in good spirits and cheer rung out. The celebration at this popular spot in Calgary, really did the Mexican people proud. When a person gets to enjoy good food, lively music, and fun people you can not have a better time than that. So, revel in the freedom and independence that these good people share with us from all walks of life. Will see you next year!

Special Thanks Goes to:

The Deerfoot Inn and Casino: For throwing such a wonderful event that brought a lot of joy. 11500 35 St SE #1000, Calgary, AB T2Z 3W4,

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