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The Snow Sprite

Based on a true story

Once in a Blue Moon

It was a winter night, still and cold. That’s just the way I like it. Winter is the time of year that we snow sprites feel our most beautiful and powerful. The cold weather makes my icy hair spike up, my light blue skin sparkles like stars, and my aura glows like the moon. Our bodies are a lot like the icicles that we create off of tall structures. Long, thin, and light enough to travel with ease in the wind. Our wings can only carry us for a mile or so but they have more than one use. They keep predators away by looking like sharp teeth when we open them, help us look a little more invisible to the world, and are the source of our magic.

We were making frost appear on the trees but I really wanted to leave my mark this year. I wanted to create my very own masterpiece where others would say “It’s a work of art”. We snow sprites like to be creative and artistic in what we do. The only problem is that this kind of work takes a lot of time. It takes more than one night; in fact, it takes about a week for a basic frost but this time I didn’t care if it took longer. I wanted to create a something wonderful by the Winter Solstice.

My partners and I were releasing snowflakes on every limb of every tree. The process of this is energy consuming but worth it. After we were done, there wasn’t a bare spot on any tree. But if there was…BAM! One little gust of my frost dust would fix that.

At some point during the night, we started working on this particular tree. It was surprisingly unreceptive to our snow blasts. We couldn’t get any sense of frost or snowflake to stay on it. It was like this tree refused winter.

I let out my strongest snowflakes and it takes a lot out of me but my determination is supernatural. I was not going to give up until this tree was completely covered over with snow. With all that hard work, I didn’t realize that I had attracted attention to myself.

I was hovering under the tree when a young human woman saw me through a window. She wasn’t quite full woman but certainly not a child. She has long fair hair, dark sparkling eyes like a night sky, high cheekbones, and long fingers that press up against the window. I waved my arms at the other sprites, ordering them disappear. I wanted to disappear but it was too late, she had seen me and there was nothing to be done about it. She looked at me with the wonder that I thought only a child had. She didn’t move, didn’t get her phone to take my picture, nor did she run away to get other people. Because of that, she surprised me as well and I stared at her too.

Snow Sprite Work

I don’t know how but we connected to each other on some level. It was unexplainable even to me and usually it is us, magical creatures that cause these things. Not this time, this was pure chance. After a few moments, I decided it was time to turn myself invisible. I could tell she couldn’t see me anymore because she was looking for me. I was still watching her though. After she realized that I wasn’t going to appear again, she left the room.

I followed her to a window and I saw her lie in her huge human bed. She fell asleep after a short time. I could sense that she felt disappointed that I had disappeared. So, I thought I would leave her a nice frosty design on her bedroom window to show her I was still there. Everyone needs something to believe in. I get the sense that she needed something to believe in too. When the morning hit and I saw her face, I know by her smile that I succeeded in giving her a whole new revelation.

A few weeks later on Christmas day, that same woman set out a peppermint chocolate for me outside her window as if to say thank you. It was a beautiful gift that I had enjoyed for two days. I wonder if we will ever see each other again.


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