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The Season of Lights

Colorful trees

The long roads of life welcome each new year with the hope of positive changes. A man who has been walking this earth since it all began has seen every change both positive and negative. He doesn’t remember his original name but these days he calls himself David. He doesn’t know why he gives himself a name since no one can see or hear him. If they could, they would see a near-transparent tall masculine figure with platinum silver hair that stops at his shoulders and dark brown eyes filled with curiosity. He wears what was a simple farmer’s clothes but now would be considered a long burlap bag. But again, since no one sees him he doesn’t feel the need to change his clothes. Still, he tries to reach humanity in indirect ways whether it is implanting an idea, reaching into the subconscious via dreams, or speaking to their conscience. Some call him a spirit while others call him an angel. In all honesty, he doesn’t know what he is but ever since the world came to life one fateful Christmas eons ago, he has been here. He watches this world change with every passing breath.

New Years Eve is here but this is the night that is not like any other. From his experience it never is. Everyone celebrates it differently but on this particular night, no one is outside. There is no dancing in the streets, or people cheering. It’s just silence. Normally this would be sad. He loves to see life bursting out like everyday is a celebration but not this night. David knows that it is because of this pandemic. He feels for the people who can’t be with the ones they love or are stuck in places where they can’t share the joys of life with others. Luckily, the strings of lights that are hung up every year are here still.

Tall trees

David wanders down the road and sees these twinkling lights on every corner and surface. It always starts with these long lines of trees with alternating lights of blue, red, and green. David sees their reflections in the snow and is instantly reminded of the miracles that he sees everyday. A miracle will come out of this pandemic too. He knows this. One perfect sign he can tell is by this huge tree with these white glittering lights trailing all the way to the top. If a person can take a risk to get to the top of a fifty-foot tree with some electric lights just to make not only their families but others smile, then that is a miracle.

Every time he sees these lights, he finds his heart a little brighter each giving year. It’s nice to be surrounded with these bright colors. David smiles as he walks on to the next town. No matter where he wanders, he never forgets the hope he gets from the Season of Lights.

Special Thanks to:

Spruce Meadows Christmas Lights: For their beautiful Christmas displays. 18011 Spruce Meadows Way SW, Calgary, AB T2X 4B7

To anyone who put up Christmas lights for all of us explorers to enjoy.


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