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Sun Shines on Sundre: A Travel Guide

Do you ever long for more than just a change of scenery? Away from a busy city or perhaps even off the grid entirely? Oh, how you long to venture into a natural haven, where there are trees instead of buildings, natural wildlife to befriend, and a perfect view of the stars sparkling brightly in a blank black sky.

At the same time, you don’t want to be completely cut off from civilization. A few friendly faces would be really nice, especially when it is better to share a meal or two with someone.

There is a place out there just waiting to be explored. With luck and a friendly recommendation, you find the small town of Sundre.

Nestled in central Alberta, Canada that is just an hour and a half drive out of Calgary. This small town provides the quiet adventure that we all need sometimes. From camping to canoeing, Sundre is a place where country comfort and modern conveniences merge without taking anything away from the simple joys in life. Nature is the name of the game here.

So let’s immerse ourselves into it.

We all need a vacation in the countryside every once in a while. If only to get some much-needed peace and quiet. It also helps to unplug to take a break away from social media and all the stress that comes with it. Even just a weekend away can do wonders for your mental health.

By slowing down, being one with nature, and breathing in some fresh air, whatever problems you have been facing in your life suddenly seem not as important or complicated as you had initially thought.

So when you want to just get away for a weekend camping expedition, go to Sundre, Alberta. Grab a bottle of wine or a cup of coffee and sit outside to enjoy the great outdoors.

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ecial Thanks to:

A World to Travel: For posting my article and giving me a chance.

Jon Allan: For kindly pointing me in the direction of this town.


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