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Calgary's Haunted Locations

Click, Click, Click. That is the sound of your shoes hitting the hard pavement beneath your feet. You are outside on this cold autumn night trying to get home after a long day at work. A soft but ominous wind blows through your hair as you look up to the sky. No stars, no clouds, not even the moon is present. All you can see is complete darkness. The only thing that lights your way now is the street lights and even they don’t seem to provide the safety that you’d hope for.

You get a feeling in your gut you are being watched by someone or something you cannot see. A slow fog rolls up in front of you until it blankets your feet so that you can’t even see them. A chill goes up your spine like a spider crawling up the wall. You feel a icy bony tap on your shoulder. Your heart races in your chest as you turn to face what nightmare awaits you …

Love a good ghost story? Calgary is filled with them. And with October among us, it is a good time to explore some of the city’s most haunted public locations. “Where are these places? What are their stories?” you might be asking.

What you are searching for is here:

Everything gets spooky around this time of year and that is just how we like it. Whether you are just snuggling on the couch with some trick-or-treat candy and a good ghost movie on the boo-tube or dressed in your finest Halloween costume dancing the night away in a haunted house, there is a lot of fun and adventure to be had on this great holiday. Sure, you don’t always know what to expect but as the residents of Halloween Town put it, “Life’s no fun without a good scare!”

To read the whole story, go here:

Special thanks to:

Mike Bell and the YYCScene: for giving me a chance in writing this story.


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