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Good news for you! You’ve got a weekend off and a little extra cash in your pocket. It’s not a lot, only $50 but it is aching to be spent. Now because you are the fun one in your group of friends everyone is texting you for advice. They all want to know what is going down this weekend.

“Where is the advent

ure? What’s something exciting to do?” Are just a few of the questions blowing up on your cell.

A big sigh leaves your mouth and suddenly a loud ping sounds on your phone. It’s an advert from the Calgary Zoo, calling for all adventurers and explorers alike to solve a pressing mystery. Never one to turn down a caper, you call up all of your friends.

Thanks to this pandemic, finding an adventure is not easy but the Calgary Zoo has found a way around that. Every two months they hold a scavenger hunt that brings some excitement to those of us who constantly search for it. My good friend and master animal-whisperer, Steen and I have done three different scavenger hunts that the zoo has put on. Each one is different, each one is fun, and each one supports wildlife conservation. Here is a little info on what you can expect from these three events.

The longing to travel again has hit many of us hard in this pandemic. It’s come to a point where it is not as easy as it used to be. Luckily there are places like our local zoo that puts on events like this that make it easier for us. Keep your minds open, ears to the grapevine, and welcome any opportunity where there are fun games to be had. That said, if this was Jumanji, my friend and I are on our last lives.

To see the whole article, find it here:

Special Thanks to:

Calgary Zoo : For their awesome events and everything they do to keep nature going. 210 St. George's Drive NE, Calgary, AB T2E 7V6. For giving me the chance to write for them.


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