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YYC Summer Scoopfest

*As seen in Big Kitty Magazine*

One of Two Scoops?
What Scoopfest is all about!

It’s going to get a whole lot cooler in the first week of July. The Calgary Meals on Wheels is throwing the first ever YYC Summer Scoopfest from June 30 – July 7. It’s time for our local eateries to compete for the coveted ice cream trophies of YYC’s Best Scoop, Best Non-Dairy Scoop, and above all the Golden Scoop Award. Who will win? That is for the customers to decide. Here are a few community creameries to test your palate and give you an idea of what to expect.

Noto Gelato: A family business that promises a product with all the flavours of Italy in each delectable bite is Noto Gelato. A true farm-to-table experience that is both mellow and mighty in taste thanks to all of these special ingredients. No one else makes authentic gelato quite like this niece/uncle dynamic duo.

La Diperie: Soft ice creams originating from Quebec has come to Calgary. Prepare for a whirlwind of ice creams dipped and mixed with fun fixings such as pretzels, coconut flakes, and chocolate bar chips. The dips themselves can be anything you want from maple fudge to chocolate to cotton candy.

Sweet Tooth Ice Cream: Since 2016, this creative parlour has taken our city by storm with their shaved ice cream. Always creating something new, the people here come up with all kinds of unique flavours for different dietary needs. So, if you are gluten-free or vegan, these pioneers will make a special treat just for you.

Made by Marcus in Hillhurst: Homemade ice cream with a twist, you are likely to find the most one-of-a-kind flavours. Things like peach yogurt jalapeno, passionfruit basil, and raspberry rose lychee are just waiting to be tried. In three convenient locations (the Hillhurst spot just opened), you are bound to find a gem in there.

Moos: A seasonal pop-up that serves soft-serve sundaes with all the classic flavours that bring smiles to many Calgarians. However, they don’t just do cones and sundaes, they also have Screamers (slush and ice cream), Soda Floats, or their specialty ice cream cups called Holy Cows (two flavours of ice cream mixed with a selection of candies). On a hot sunny day while riding your bike on the Bow River Trail, this place will surely be calling to you.

So much to try!
YYC has so many Summer Flavours

Peerless Pearl: Thai rolled ice cream with 25 unique flavours is nestled sweetly in Chinatown and it closes late at 11:00 PM (just in case you have a late-night craving). Hard-core perfectionists, the workers here only serve up their most quality of ingredients and keep it fresh to satisfy even the pickiest of appetites. Now that is something extra special.

Uzu Taiyaki – A not-so-classic ice cream truck that brings the melty yum-yums to you. Uzu Taiyaki is often found at events all over the city and they serve tasty treats with Asian inspired flavours. Be sure to catch them at all the summer festivals or you could just give them a call.

Abbey’s Creations: With 8 convenient locations, Abbey gives the public an ice cream experience that is unforgettable with interesting flavours and a peaceful environment. A surprise to your senses and a tickling to your tastebuds is promised when you have a scoop of her creations. Just try her Lemoncello or Vietnamese Coffee to know that this is true.

So now that you have the scoop for this ice cream festival, are you ready for what’s next? Be prepared for exploding tastebuds and brain freeze. With the hot weather among us, this is something to look forward to.

Special Thanks to:

Big Kitty Magazine: For giving me a chance and letting me write about what brings me joy.

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