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Your Special Hot Cocoa

Burr! A cold wind is blowing in your face as you walk down the street. It is only 4 PM and it is already dark as the snow begins to fall all around you. Yes, winter is here. So you are out in a cold, winter night (late afternoon technically but who’s counting?) after you just finished your shift, and now you’re waiting for the bus. But this isn’t the problem. The problem is you need your chocolate or more specifically hot chocolate fix. Sadly, you had a bad day and need something stronger to go with it. But where can your find that perfect hot cocoa?

We live in an age where people have different needs and tolerances. Luckily in the city of Calgary, there are choices to be found everywhere you go. Different places can provide exactly what you are looking for. All you have to do is find them. Thanks to the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest put on by Meals on Wheels, I got to sample almost 20 unique flavors based on different needs. Don’t worry, I am attending my first Chocoholics Anonymous meeting at the end of the month. Here is a list of the best of what I have tasted in these different categories:

In the end, we all want that perfect hot cocoa that lulls us into ecstasy but it is you that determines it so. Hot chocolate is just like treasure hunting. If you want to find that perfect indulgence you have to look for it. But that is okay because not only is it a fun adventure you can also find some cool hideouts away from that chilly winter weather. So, tell Jack Frost to beat it with a simmering cup of yum-yum in your hands. Pass the marshmallows please!

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