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Wildflowers in the Forest


The sun shines on her face but it is the delicate orange butterfly landing on her cheek that soothingly wakes her up. When she opens her eyes, Ella finds herself surrounded by tall grass and wildflowers. A serene smile appears on her face due to the sight of this floral meadow. This is the perfect place for a flower fairy to wake up. As Ella stands up, she wonders if her friends, Amber and Rosette are here too.

A small cluster of butterflies fly around her. She greets them with a smile like they are old friends. The emotions radiating from them are directing her to go to the forest down the hill. Ella listens to their advice, knowing that a flower fairy can always trust a butterfly.

She walks along the meadow, stroking the wildflowers as she goes. After her touch is released, the flowers open their vibrant faces. Still following the butterflies, Ella hears the tender strum of guitar strings playing a soft melody in the forest. Excitement grows in her heart, as any fairy loves to hear the sound of music.

Wild Flowers

“Ella!” Suddenly she hears a familiar voice calling her.

Ella turns to face Amber who is dressed in her finest yellow outfit with yellow and white daisies tied in her striking red hair. She runs over to Ella and joyfully grabs her hands. A big smile appears on Ella’s face as she pulls her friend into a quick hug. Behind Amber, Ella sees Rosette wearing a blue-green bikini top and matching skirt, descending down the hill towards the two of them.

“My girls!” Rosette giggles as she joins the hug. When they pull apart, Rosette points towards the grass. “Look who’s joining us.”

Reluctantly following Rosette is the shyest of all fairies, Violet. She fidgets with her hands and looks towards the other fairies hoping that she is welcome. Ella, always the outgoing, compassionate one, opens her arms and walks towards Violet to embrace her.

“Greetings Violet!” She declares as Violet gladly returns the hug. “You look beautiful in your new outfit!”

Violet blushes as she turns to show off her purple shorts, and flowy lavender top. “I hope it’s good enough to attract a mate.”

“Girl you got it going on.” Amber says as she walks up to them. “The little violets in your hair are darling.”

Sound fills the air

“Thanks.” Violet smiles at Amber. “Both of you look so beautiful.”

Ella who is in her pink peasant top and slitted skirt takes special pride in her own attire. “Do you all think we will attract a mate today?”

Before anyone can answer, the four of them hear music filling the air. The sounds of the guitar return, this time melding with a thundering base, strong percussions, and a dreamlike masculine voice that rises above the forest. The four of them follow the music in hopes of finding its origin.


In the forest, a band called Time Zone are struggling to come up with an original song. This hurts them more than the fact that their van broke down in the middle of nowhere. The lead singer, Darren has already called for roadside assistance but that apparently is going to take forever and a day. So, the band decides to take out their instruments and practice while they wait. Darren sits and critiques the music.

“Will, Kent, Travis!” He calls out to his bandmates and gives him a thumbs up. “Those beats are tight. I wish I can come up with some lyrics for it.”

Will puts down his guitar, walks over to Darren, and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder. “Darren, you will get there. You wrote the music we have so far, you just have to let the lyrics come to you.”

Darren looks to Will and nods. “Thanks.” He stands up and goes towards Kent and Travis who are still at their instruments. “Well guys. Let’s take it from the top. Maybe the lyrics will come.”

Bring on the Thunder

The group starts playing again and Darren closes his eyes, hoping to find the words that he is desperately looking for. He opens his eyes and he can see in the short distance four beautiful but oddly dressed women approaching the band. They suddenly stop playing as soon as the women stand in front of them.

The woman dressed in pink steps forward. “Please don’t stop, we heard your playing over in the meadow.”

“We adore your music.” Says the red-headed woman with a sassy smile.

Darren studies the women, but his eyes land on the sweet-looking girl in pink. “Well boys. You heard the ladies. Let’s take it from the top.”

The music is gentle and funky, the four fairies are loving it. They spin around in circles, swing their hips, and move with the music. Each musician finds themselves enchanted by these dancing ladies. The way they move, laugh, and skip is hypnotic. If these men didn’t know any better, they would say that they are falling in love.

Will looks to Violet, he lays his guitar on the ground, and kindly holds out his hand to her. With a coy flush, she stops dancing, and softly puts her hand in his. A gentle stroke on her chin and pressing his forehead to hers has Violet’s heart flutter. Hand-in-hand the two of them walk into the forest to be alone.

Dance to the Music

Kent who is at the drums walks to Rosette with longing eyes. She takes his hand and lightly caresses his check. The two of them walk off to the forest away from the rest of the group. Amber confidently strides straight up to Kent with a smile on her face. A look of wonder expresses itself on him as she smoothly rubs his shoulders. He lightly puts his hands on her waist as she leads him behind the trees.

Darren can’t take his eyes off of Ella. She looks so magically stunning that he wonders how she can be real. The two of them walk towards each other, meeting half way. They touch their lips in a kiss that is sacred between two lovers. The world disappears and what’s left is just the two of them.


Darren’s fast asleep smiling with his arms wrapped around Ella. She looks up to him and presses her lips to his forehead. It is time to leave and she hates not saying good-bye to the father of her new child but the Nether Realm calls. Softly, she unravels herself and quietly returns to the wildflower meadow.

Her friends are standing in the long grass, waiting for her. Violet and Amber, hold out their hands to greet her. All four of them are saddened to be leaving but they all know that they must.

Time to Go

“We don’t belong in this world.” Amber reassures. “But our children will flourish there.”

The three other fairies smile at her. Rosette pipes up. “You’re right Amber. It’s the way it’s always been. We don’t know if our kin will last here but in our world they can. It is for the best.”

“They will know their fathers.” Violet says. “We will show them when they are ready. And as for the fathers, they will have a wonderful song out of this.”

Ella smiles knowing exactly what to say. “Let’s go home.”

The fairies nod and their glorious butterfly wings appear on their backs. The four of them slowly sail up to the sky. A small but bright light appears above them. They make their way towards it and disappear the instant that it does.

Magical Times in a Forest

A wonderful song is created because of these four gorgeous mysterious women. The members of Time Zone return to the same forest year after year but sadly, the women were never seen again. Because of this enigmatic situation, the meadow along with the forest around it are now protected thanks to the band. They want this magical memory to live on and remember the wildflowers dancing in the forest.


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