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Where it's At: November

Where it's At November
It's November

Halloween has come to an end. So, the big question is: Now what? November has always been a bridge between the two seasons of autumn and winter. But that does not mean we have to start hibernating just yet. If anything, we have a whole lot of fun between these big holidays to enjoy. When you go outside with your favourite hot beverage and start feeling the chill in the air, keep in mind that there is so much to do this November. What would that be?

So, you have taken down the Halloween décor and now it is time to put up those holiday lights. Don’t feel bad about doing that. We all know that this is just around the corner and besides how many people love seeing your creativity when it comes to these festive trimmings? Just know that you can take a break from it all and let yourself get carried away in one of the adventures that our beautiful city is always throwing for us.

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Fall Leaves

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The Calgary Gaurdian: For giving me a chance to write for them.


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