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Where it's At: January

New year, new goals, new things to do this month. If your new years resolution is to get out more then you have come to the right place. It’s true that things tend to quiet down over the month of January but there are still a lot of adventures to be had. As stated, this is a time when we set new objectives for ourselves and pursue with added vigour. Some of you will want to quiet down after the holidays but some will want to know: What can I do now? Both of these attitudes are good to practice. Listed below you will find events that will help get you on track to achieve your latest purpose or if you are just not ready to give up the fun yet.

Happy New Year!

When a new start is rolling around the corner, it is time to jump in with both feet and enjoy. New starts can create hope for the future and in this case, it is the year. There are always some challenges that we have to face but there are also new solutions. Some solutions just mean you have to get out of the house and enjoy life. Happy New Year, everybody!

Special Thanks goes to:

The Guardian: For their continual support and giving me a chance.

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