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Under the Stars

I had just arrived to my resort in Bali, and it was more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I had needed this vacation.

I had suffered the loss of both of my parents in a car accident, I quit my job as a server in a restaurant, and my boyfriend decided to call our relationship off out of the blue. When I had a breakdown in the middle of the grocery store parking lot, it became abundantly clear that I had to get

away. So now here I am at the Bali Beach Resort.

I took a deep breath in of the warm salty air and found all of my troubles melting away. I looked out over to the horizon and saw that the sun was just beginning to set. From there I saw the check in counter and took my first steps towards healing my broken soul. Little did I know what would await me later on.

A few hours later, I was sitting out at the beach for the resort’s welcoming bonfire party. Drums were banging, people were kicking up the sand, being so carefree and happy. I held my cocktail in my hand and watched all the grinning faces while trying to liven my heart up as well. But still I felt a sadness gripping on to it too tightly. I stood up and decided to go for a long walk along the beach by myself just to clear my head.

Welcome Bonfire

I walked in the moonlight and away from the people. Down this beach, I felt like each step I took in the soft, coolly wet sand was taking me closer to where I need to go. Suddenly, I found myself with a view of a jungle

but that isn’t the first thing that I noticed.

It started as a pillar of light but when I blinked, it turned into the humanoid shape of a man. He turned to look at me and smiled. I felt something that I didn’t think I would feel again which was safety. I approached this man who had pale thinning hair, eerily bright blue eyes and a strong but stout build. He just stood, looking at me with a gentle Zen expression on his near-perfect blemish-free face. I had the feel

ing that everything was going to be okay.

“Who are you?” I asked him outright.

His only answer was pointing up to the sky. I briefly looked up and there I saw a sky full of stars. They were brighter than any light I have ever seen in the city. A comet raced through the night and I felt my heart fill with a child-like wonder that I haven’t felt in far too long. Suddenly, he took my hand into his. It felt cold but comforting.

“That is the best place to look when you feel lost.” He said simply. His voice sounded strangely robotic albeit kindly. I don’t know how I could tell but something about this mysterious man made me believe that I could trust him.

With his other hand, he gestured me to follow him. Hand-in-hand, we walked towards the jungle. A light appeared before it, as if it was a door opening into a building. A building that I could not see. Still, I was curious enough to walk inside.

Shooting Star

This place was a small white room with a high ceiling and a lot of circular lights. I looked to the man and he still looked so kind and peaceful but I still had questions.

“Where are we?” I asked him calmly. “Why am I here?”

“You are lost.” He said

and tenderly held his hand out to what looked like a long white sofa. I raised an eyebrow, not remembering seeing that there when we walked in. Oh well, I didn’t question it. I sat down beside him and listened to what he had to say. “Your troubles are not unnoticed. Just remember that there is much for you to do.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “What am I supposed to do? And again, who are you?”

“You will know

what to do when the time comes. Just continue to look at the stars. I can only guide you so much.”

As soon as he stopped talking, I saw these little blue and purple lights glow from his neck. They were not bright like the stars but subtle like a glow stick hidden underneath a turtle neck. That is when I realized that this man wasn’t human.

“All the answers you need are in the stars.” He continued. “We are expecting great things from you. Don’t give up now.”

Suddenly, another bright light washed over me and before I knew it, I was back at the party as if I had not left at all. I looked around and people were dancing and drinking. A good-looking man

Cocktails in Hand

approached me and sat beside me.

He smiled at me and asked, “So, are you enjoying the party?”

I smiled at him and nodded. Quickly I looked up to the stars and saw that same shooting star fly though the sky. I realized then that I had found a new hope. The things that happened were meant to happen. Now I had to see what comes next.

I don’t know who that man I spoke to in that room was but to know that someone so kind was watching over me, made everything okay somehow.


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