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Top Ten Things Sundre is Known For

Oh, the city. You love it but lately it seems so loud and piercing. Even though your office is 20 stories high, you can hear all that noise and smell the pollution that is filling your lungs as you work on your latest assignment. You put your hands to you head as you feel this horrible headache coming on.

It is obvious that you need to get away for a vacation but this time you want to do something different. Yes, your trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was super fun and action-packed but this time you want to do the opposite. A quiet camping trip where you can wake up and smell that crisp fresh air from your tent. Then at night you want to go to sleep counting all the stars in the sky.

As you look-up campsites on your computer, you see Sundre, Alberta, Canada pops-up. Located about 2 hours from Banff and 1 1/2 hours from Calgary, it promises all that you need from fun and adventure to peace and tranquility. A smile crosses your face and the word, “perfect” jumps into your brain. Time to make some plans.

What are some things you can do in Sundre? Here are some ideas to check out when you visit this little haven in Alberta:

Sundre is known for its natural countryside beauty and down home feel. To all those who want to venture off-the-beaten path and immerse themselves in nature, Sundre is a good choice. If you are feeling stressed and just want to get away from all of your strains opting for something peaceful will help, get rid of what vexes you. Let this camping capital rise to the occasion and you will feel your blood pressure fall each minute you are there.

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Special Thanks to:

The Traveling Fool: For posting my article and giving me a chance.

Jon Allan: For kindly pointing me in the direction of this town.

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