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The Wines of Alberta

Wines of Alberta
Get rosy with Alberta Wines

In 2005, Alberta introduced the cottage winery licence (Class E) to add value to Alberta’s agriculture by diversifying the products that come from these farms. It seems to have worked, as more and more people are looking to the local wine market for both its quality and easy access. However, to start a fruit or honey wine business it is important to prove that you are a true fruit farmer or beekeeper first. A producer should have a vast knowledge of their stock and ingredients, not just the finishing product. It takes time, experimenting, and a whole lot of patience to make a good bottle of wine.


Alberta may not have the classic wineries that BC has but it does have something extra special. Cottage wines bring a unique experience and promises a wonderful taste of the natural world. A lot of what Alberta produces is fruit and/or honey wines which are anything but typical.

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