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The Most Decadent Hot Chocolates of YYC

Hot Chocolates
Look at that!

What is an adventure without a little chocolate thrown in?  Willy Wonka knew this and so does Adventure Calgary.  For the whole month of February, the Calgary Meals on Wheels is putting on this oh-so-sweet festival for the public.  In hopes of raising money for their cause of feeding those in need good meals, each couple of dollars from these special hot chocolates sold will go a long way into helping that. 

Local businesses from all over Calgary are creating the ultimate hot treat in hopes of being the winners of four different categories.  These categories are:  the Best Hot Chocolate, Best Spirited HC, the Most Bought, and now the Most Unique.  Perhaps next year they should create most decadent. 

Here are some strong contenders for that particular type:

Hot Chocolate
Can be found anywhere

One of the best adventures come when there is something delicious to discover.  Whether it is something big like a cool local eatery or just the tiniest item like a hot bevvie, you always win.  It is also good to know that you are a hero in a way by buying a hot chocolate where proceeds go to those in our city who are suffering from hunger.  You may not be swinging from a vine but what can be more daring than losing ourselves in something both sweet and indulgent while at the same time helping out those in need?

Special Thanks goes to:

Adventure Calgary: For making me a member and for allowing me to write about our adventures.


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