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The Keg - Downtown Calgary

**** 4/5 Stars ****

The Keg
Not this Keg

A nice way to spend a Saturday night with a good friend is a nice dinner at a fine restaurant like this one. One of the few nice days we have left should be spent on patios like this one and that is just what we did. The patio was a lovely clean green space with a nice fireplace (it wasn't on as there was no need for it). A wonderful way to say farewell to winter that is for sure. I loved seeing all the ferns, spikes, and what ever little flora we have left. With the heaters on it felt like summer has not left. A good way to sit out side and (not) chill. However, on the inside it is like a combination of an art gallery and upscale lounge. Which means that when winter hits, it'll be a good way to get warm again.

The food was very good. I had the vegan meatloaf and it had a nice peppery kick to it and the best idea is the fried onions on top of it. Almost like how a steak would be to a vegetarian. It had the same kind of feel when you ate it. The seasoned roasted vegetables were cooked to perfection. A person always fears that when vegetables are roasted it will either be too much or too little. These were just right and did not taste like oil. The only drawback was the mashed cauliflower. It was flavourless and a bit mushy. However, I hear that their mashed potatoes are excellent. I'll be sure to give those a go the next time. Yes the food is good enough to visit for again.

Way to the Keg
A Beautiful View

Our server was lovely. She knew the menu backwards, forwards, you name it. She was the one who suggested that I try the vegan meatloaf and she was right about it. It was tasty and she was very prompt with our order. With her friendly smile and ability to gauge with her customers, she is clearly a keeper when it comes to customer service.

I never used to be a fan of the Keg before but that was because they did not have vegetarian options. This time they have changed their view and for a steakhouse to have these kinds of options is worth giving the chance. If you stop with to this place today, you will not be sorry. They were really good to us on a Saturday night and they will be good to you too. They tend to be a bit on the pricy side too but don't be afraid to treat yourself too. Cheers, as I toast you with my "Green Tea Mule" which is a must try.

Find them here at: 320 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 2S6.

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