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The Garden of Abundance

The Office Building

All you can do is do your best. That is Diana Hudson’s mantra that she keeps repeating to herself when she is nervous. And today she is terrified. She is waiting in the conference room of Carl and Samantha Sanders’ law firm “Sanders and Sanders.” It has straight lines, lots of windows, a long meeting table, and minimal decoration. This makes her think that maybe she is suggesting too much for their luxury mansion.

Diana is a landscape architect and a damn good one if she says so herself. For her whole life she has been interested in plants and nature. It is the greatest thing in the world to watch a plant grow and become something magnificent. Then when you put several plants together, you can make something magical. Hopefully, the Sanders will see this with her sketches and ideas.

The door behind her opens and she stands up to greet her soon-to-be future clients. The two of them are a handsome couple. He has dark hair greying at the sides, cold blue eyes, a straight nose, and a suit that nearly matches his hair. Missus Sanders has a dark brown bob haircut with the same color of eyes, a thin bow mouth, and a black suit with golden buttons. The two of them show that together they are a power couple and love to advertise it.

“Mister and Missus Sanders.” Diana meets their gazes with a smile and holds her hand out.

A Diana Hudson Suggestion

“Diana Hudson.” Missus Sanders replies shaking the hand that Diana is holding out. As her husband shakes the young woman’s hand, Samantha studies her. “You know you are not what I expected of a Landscape designer.”

“Oh?” Diana looks at her outfit. She wanted to make a good impression so she put on the new dress that she got from her friend Laurel’s store. She said that this outfit would make her look like a movie star. Her strappy pumps didn’t have a speck of dirt on them and she made sure that her thick blonde hair is done up in a half-pony, half curled style. If anything, she must look fabulous. “I can assure you Missus Hudson that I am who I say I am.”

Missus Sanders smiles, shakes her head, and holds her hand out to assure her. “Oh no! I didn’t mean that. I mean you look so glamorous. I expected someone a little more masculine looking. And please call me Samantha.”

“And I’m Carl.” He speaks in a friendly manner while bowing with his hand to his chest.

“Alright. Samantha, Carl. I can’t wait to show you my ideas.” Diana enthusiastically announces.

Give a Little Romance

As Carl and Samantha take their seats, Diana puts up her sketches on the easels she brought. The two of them are in awe of the colors on the canvas. Each picture shows various flowers in potential spots around their property. Diana could see by the look on their faces that they like what they see. Perhaps, she has nothing to worry about after all.

“This is what I would love to do for you.” Diana begins as she explains her drawings. “With your daughter, Eve’s wedding coming up this garden will be a paradise to behold. In my business, I prefer to listen to the language of the flowers and what they can bring for you.”

Diana pauses as she talks about the picture on the far left. “In this swirl-shape garden in the center of your backyard, I am proposing chrysanthemums of every color. In Chinese cultures they are said to bring longevity and good luck. They will be watered consistently with the built-in sprinklers that can be released by the push of a button.” The Sanders have wonderful poker faces. Diana can’t read them at all but still continues on her ideas. She walks to her next easel to explain it. “Now I remember you want some light fixtures but I think we can glam them up with Cecile Brunner climbing roses which will stem around pillars. The lanterns themselves will be these dome-like lights to give it a mystical but practical look to it. But back to the roses; these particular roses bring luck when it comes to love. Having these roses around the light fixtures will symbolize the light that love can bring.

Samantha smiles at this and politely interrupts, “That is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard.”

A Rose For A Bride

“That’s what I was going for. I am also going to make sure you get the most amazing smells from the gardenias, pink azaleas, and peonies. That I will align along your house and the fences.” Diana continues. “The multicolored peonies will symbolize your hopes for future generations. Things like love, fertility, luck, and success which is perfect for newlyweds. The pink azaleas will bring on an abundance of beauty and intelligence. Which is something that everybody needs along with the good omens that mystery gardenias bring. For a little added bonus, I want to put some Amaryllis in pots around the porch for strength during any tough times your family might face.”

“You really have thought of everything. Haven’t you?” Carl asks excitedly to Diana.

“I like to think so but I saved the best for last.” Diana says as she walks to her last drawing a small raised bed of marigolds. “Now marigolds are not only believed to be good luck and keep evil spirits away but bring a home warmth, joy, and abundance. I thought this would be a bright, sunny way to make this a home sweet home.”

The Sander’s look at each other and nod. “I think you have found our vision. We want our home to be like this.” Carl chimes in and Samantha speaks up. “On top of that, I think our daughter will have a beautiful wedding in this garden.”

A Perfect Place For a Ceremony

The Sander’s look at each other and then to Diana. “When can you start?” They say in union.

Special Thanks to:

The Penticton Rose Garden : For stunning flowers and an awesome gazebo. 85 Riverside Dr, Naramata, BC V0H 1N0.

The Locolanding Adventure Park: For a fun-filled day of fun and its beautiful blooms. 75 Riverside Dr, Penticton, BC V2A 9A7.


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