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Soak up the Sunfest

Sunfest Starts
Off to a Good Start

Inglewood shines and that is not just because of the sun. Although that is a big part of it. The festival being featured was Sunfest. It was a smaller, more intimate than many of the other summer festivals but that in itself was a relief and still a lot of fun. It wasn't too crowded the way Lilacfest was but it has several fun local vendors, some live music, and several food truck options that a person could enjoy.

The local vendors each had unique items and wares that they were selling such as the eyeball cat toys made by Natural Selection Pet Toys. Those are something that you would never forget about anytime soon just like the beautiful sparkling shoes that are fit for a fairytale thanks to Sac & Shoe. Even the Flower Market was there selling both plants and jewelry. Nothing like both natural and man-made treasures to explore. Not mention that there were event vendors showing what they were offering to Calgary. We got to visit the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Economic Development, and Globalfest. These are the best places to keep in touch when you want to enjoy a little culture.

Sunfest Vendors
So Many Vendors

The live music we encountered was at the Blues Can. Sadly, it was full so finding a place to sit was impossible. But at the same time that is why we have two legs to stand on. A lot of classic rock and (yes) blues were played which provided some toe tapping fun to a sunny day. Other live entertainment came from some street performers like the combination magician/comedian who was between the streets juggling and telling jokes. A good way to get the public to smile.

It seemed like everywhere you looked there was a place to have something to eat. Yes! What luck and each one had their own cuisines that were just dying to be tried. It isn't just the restaurants and eateries but the food trucks scattered from place to place. You just have to pick your pleasure whether it is ice cream from Uzu Taiyaki and Ice Cream food truck or a slice of pizza from Inglewood Pizza. After all of that walking and standing, a good place to sit would be at one of the pubs and breweries close by. It's also good to finish this all off when you have a local brew to cool you down.

Sunfest Food Trucks
Need Something to Eat?

Calgary has a knack when it comes to festivals. Each one is vibrant, joyous, and filled with memories that will last a person for years to come. Looking forward to the next one and be sure to stop into some more before we hit our colder seasons.

Special Thanks to: Inglewood for hosting this fab fest!

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