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Oodle Noodle

5/5 *****

They promised sauce and you got it! I ordered the vegan kung pao and it was exactly what I needed. On a bed of noodles you get a whole bunch of ingredients mixed in a zesty, spicy sauce and topped with the optional peanuts. The ingredients that I selected were a bunch of stir-fried vegetables and some tofu.

Yum yum!

The location is excellent with a lot of walking traffic and easy enough to just jump on some public transit and go where you need to. The ambiance is a lot of fun. It is sunny, bright, and very open. The music playing was also energetic and fun. A good place to call "a little sunshine on earth." The cute cartoons on the wall definitely makes a person smile when they walk in.

The gentleman who served me was friendly and welcoming. He knew the menu and gave me some good suggestions. I was happy that he was my first impression of what this place was like. He is good at his job and can cook. A good employee to have there.

All in all, this place is a wonderful stopping point for anyone who needs some saucy noodles and a smile. Go for the food and leave with happiness. That's what this place does.

Vegetarian options: Anything there can be made vegetarian and vegan

Dietary restrictions: Lots of gluten free options, all nuts are optional and separate

To find them:

1244 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0B8.

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