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Maisie Marvels Presents: The Time Travel Clock

Grocery Bags

Many people dream of traveling back and forth in time. What if there is a way to do that? Among my many travels as a freelance journalist, I, Maisie Marvels have found a small antique European style clock that does just that. This item although appears exquisite and beautiful is so much more than a decorative time piece.

Coming home from the grocery store, I found this clock outside of my front doorstep. It had no return address so I couldn’t send it back to where it came from. Curious to find such a thing, I bring the antique inside to study it. Being careful, I took it apart to find out how it works especially since I can’t hear it make any mechanical noise. It is shocking to find that it works with no battery or charge of any kind. Now I am no expert but I could tell that this object is running on perpetual motion. S

uffice to say, that this is unusual since this energy doesn’t exist at least in this world.

With careful precision I put it back together. Then I decided to experiment with the clock face. I can see that there are numbers of days and years displayed underneath. As I turn back those hands of time, I see that the clock turns itself to 9:00 PM, June 26, 1903. I got the shock of my life.

Surrounding me were people in clothing that I do not normally see. They are laughing and drinking with a phonograph playing some lively tunes. I see champagne in every glass, antiques that don’t look so ancient, and people dancing all around me. A young couple who has had more than their fair share of champagne look at me and instead of feeling the surprise that I did, just laughed in my face.

Traveling Through Time

“Welcome to the new world!” They cheered as did everyone else in the room. The couple go back to their good time and ignore me.

As the dancing continues around me, I look to the clock and turn it back to my time before these people realize that there is a weird woman from the future sitting in the middle of their party. It is not too soon before I see the people disappear and I am back in my home. I indulge in a sigh of relief knowing that nothing has changed in here but just to be sure, I looked outside the window. I was glad things were as they should be.

It’s clear to me that this clock can transport its current owner to any time that it is set at. When I set this clock back on my desk a small compartment in it pops open. I see a little tiny piece of parchment paper that has a riddle written in cursive writing.

The Clock Face

“The hands of time that change takes you to that moment, explore with caution and don’t cause an oddment, it has repercussions that can’t be undone, there are dangers in time that you can’t outrun.”

If that warning doesn’t stop your heart, experiencing this enchantment might. This clock still sits on my desk so I can keep an eye on it. I just hope that one day when I come home, the clock is still where I leave it but just in case anyone else gets a device like this, this reporter gives you this warning.

“If you see, an old-fashioned mechanical gold clock on your doorstep. It might be something out of this world. Proceed with care.”

Special Thanks to:

Zoe's Store: For a cool looking clock. 1403 14 Street SW, Calgary, AB T3C 1C8.


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