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Lurking in the Lake - The Beginning

“Ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to welcome esteemed marine biologist and my good friend, Doctor Jade Chu.” Says the striking business man in his pristine Armani suit.

The Okanagon Lake

When he steps aside, Jade stands up, nervously tugs on her grey pencil skirt, and walks towards the giant computer screen to begin her presentation. “Thank you, Mister Banks and good afternoon to you; the board members.”

The board gives her their undivided attention as she clicks the button on her remote. “My recent research points out that in and around the Okanagan Lake in our own British Columbia, a dangerous predator is lurking there.”

“Ogopogo?” A snide board member in the back declares and the rest of them chuckle at the statement.

“No.” Jade chuckles with them, more out of nervousness than anything else. “That wouldn’t be possible. But I can assure you this is.” Another click on her pointer leads her to a picture of a great white shark on the wall. “I believe we might have this mighty creature in this lake.”

A woman is about to comment but Jade quickly interrupts. “I know what you are thinking. That can’t be possible because we are a temperate climate. Sharks would have to be around more tropical regions. Although true but this is different. I believe that this shark has adapted to our climate. Due to evolution and possibly mutation, this shark is able to live in our very country.”

Jade's Shark Slide

“How are you so sure that this is a shark?” Asks her friend Miles Banks. She knew that he wouldn’t go easy on her but at least he asks the right questions.

“In this case.” Jade answers with another click of her pointer which brings up the next presentation slide, showing various news clippings. “You see here various accounts of people being attacked by a large water-based beast. Luckily no one was killed but were in critical condition. Many reports state that their injuries consist of large bite marks that can only be that of a shark or a similar creature.” Taking a brief pause, Jade pulls out the pendant she keeps around her neck. “I also found this when I was beachcombing around the area.”

Jade releases the necklace from her neck and passes it to the board member closest to her. As each board member passes it around, she taps the clicker again for the last slide. “You can see here that this tooth was washed up on shore and not a clean cut like you would see on tourist necklaces but a hard break as if it has been broken off. That’s why I think it is a shark. I also hope that with your help and support, I can study this lake and safely capture this creature. It will be humanly done of course, I can take it back to the aquarium, where my team and I can figure out just how this creature got here. Why it’s living here. It can also help us to learn how we can adapt in unlikely places. Just think of the possibilities!”

The Meeting Room


It has been an hour since the board members have asked her to wait outside of the room while they discuss her proposal. She can’t sit anymore and decides to pace back and forth to get rid of all this nervous energy. Suddenly, a loud knock sounds from the door as the board members walk out talking indistinctingly but enthusiastically. Miles walks out at the end with them and sends a smile to her.

“Well?” Jade asks eagerly.

“You got it!” He says happily and holds his arms out for a hug.

Jade jumps up and down with delight before folding herself into Miles’ arms.

“We gotta celebrate!” He says, “How about the usual place?”

A wild smile spreads across her face as they walk arm-and arm out of the building. She can’t wait to get started. But tonight, she is going to let her jet-black hair down from her ponytail, take off her cat-like glasses, and go live it up with her good friend.

Special Thanks to:

The City of Penticton: For its good people, fun times, and all around great place to be


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