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Livin' La Vida Expo Latino

Expo Latino
Busy Feista

Get out those maracas and shake your tatas because this spicy event will have you dancing all weekend long. The Latino culture has been a favourite for many Canadians wherever you go. As Western Canada’ largest Latin-inspired festival, they never skimp on the experience. All weekend long from August 18-20 at Prince Island Park, you get to know so many amazing countries packed into one place. From Mexico to Chile and everywhere in between you get a family friendly fiesta where everyone is welcome and joy is in the air.

Expo Latino eats
Food truck heaven

One great stop is all the eateries that you can find there including two food trucks and a Mina’s Steakhouse food stand in the beer gardens. Tasca Piccante food truck for example has some delectable empanadas just waiting for you to sink your teeth into. You can choose a variety of contents in your pastry pocket but what is recommended is the corn, cheese, and spinach because these seem to go the best with their salsa. Not too spicy but packed with flavour, you don’t want to miss this hot treat anytime soon. Nor do you want to miss the “tacos and more” at the El Nopal food truck. Again, the choices are endless but the quesadilla packs a wickedly cheesy experience. When you love melted cheese and add on some hot sauce you got a match made in Mexican heaven.

Expo Latino Eats
Anything Cheesy is Awesome

If you want a good refreshing beer or wine you can check out their beer gardens and have a cold one. Lots of tables and chairs are present along with some friendly people if you can’t find a spot. They will welcome you to join them and therefore you have a good possibility of making new friends. It is still in the center of the action so you will not miss a beat.

The shopping is not as various as you would hope it would be but never the less it was still interesting. You get to meet some fascinating enterprises that specialize in colourful clothing and picture-taking. You meet some good people that open your eyes to something new. And who knows you might get to win that big screen TV that the KIA company is looking to give away. Or you can get yourself a brand-new yo-yo at the toy stand. Either way, it’s these folks that make you smile.

Expo Latino Dance Party
Getting on the Dance Floor

Not as much as the music and performances though. What starts with an announcement and some jokes from the charismatic emcees turns into an amazing show. When DJ Danni gets the party started, people start to move and shake on the dancefloor. You don’t want to leave whether you are a lone dancer or with a group of good friends the lively music move through you like a warm tropical breeze.

You get a break when you see the music and magic that steps onto that stage. Dancers from all over, give spirited renditions of various traditional dances and some contemporary ones that have you tapping your toes on your picnic blanket. You can’t help but wave your arms to the music and try to mimic the performers putting on some serious moves. These kinds of dances prove that ballet isn’t the only way to show grace and splendour. Each mambo, salsa, merengue, etc. is portrayed with such passion and delight that you feel honoured to be able to see it first hand.

Expo Latino Perfomers
Dancing of the Latin Stars

What really opens the heart of this fete is the people. Each person whether they were on the dancefloor, behind the counter, or just sitting and chilling had bright smiles and kind words. That is why you have to come to this kind of festival. Sure, everything is great, from the music to the food but it is the people that make the memories last forever. Muchos gracias for a bueno dia.

Special Thanks goes to:

Expo Latino: For the fun, the smiles and for making everyone feel welcome.

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