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Inglewood Night Market

Inglewood Night Market
See the Sign

Night markets are something we look forward to in the summertime in Calgary but there is something to be said when you visit it in the fall. We are reaching a time where dusk is hitting us a little earlier but at least it still feels pleasant enough to be out and about. Coming to the Inglewood Night Market brought the summer season to a close in the best way possible.

Think food trucks, outdoor troubadours, and easy access to several local vendors that are selling some of the best items you will ever find. Things like cookies, crème puffs, and shower bombs. How can a person refuse?

Not only can you explore the neighborhood but get a good sense of the community at large. With friendly folks down 10th and 10th (Southeast) where it is being held, a person can get to know the area quickly.

On six different Fridays and (mostly) once a month, Inglewood would close down these streets and let the people have a unique experience. Whether it is shopping, listening to music, or just grabbing a bite to eat, you can spend five of the best hours seeing what a night market has to offer. It is about supporting local and having a good time. If that good time means picking up the prettiest vintage red dress and going to Lina’s to try out some of their free samples then it sounds like a real party.

Inglewood Night Market
So Much to See

Also, if you have your own baby whether they are of skin or fur, they are both allowed to attend. This event is also free but if you are looking to purchase something really cool don’t be afraid to open your wallet and let some air in. It is important when you are looking for the bar service that is serving up beer and wine.

The last market was on September 15 and these markets will be missed. But the good news is that the Holiday Markets are just around the corner. We have gotten used to this nice weather but we still have a lot to look forward to. See you when the snow falls!

Special Thanks to:

The Inglewood Night Market: For a fabulous time and opening our eyes to some fabulous new treasures. 1107 10 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1R7.

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