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Hell, Heaven, and Halloween

This Halloween is blessed with a full moon. It only happens every nineteen years or so. Since a

Full Moon

ncient times, the number nineteen is considered an omen. It is to be the end of all that we know and hold dear. Perhaps the whole world itself will end on such a time. This is a theory that Mathiris tou Thanatos carries with them. Mathiris tou Thanatos or otherwise known as the “Disciples of Death” is a vicious cult in the city of Calgary, Alberta that believes in order to achieve divine power, one must cross into the next world. The man running this cult is named Adam Degrenes.

He looks out from the hill towards the Telus Spark Drive-In with a mixture of distain and amusement. All those rubes just sitting comfortably in their cars watching an appropriate movie for the evening called, “John Carpenter’s Halloween.” For many souls, a night at a drive-in movie theater is a good night out. One can sit comfortably in their car with no one to see them, enjoying as many snacks as they want, and getting away with wearing their pajamas. A nice bag of popcorn, a cup of pop, and a bag of candy is always fun with a fabulous movie playing. But these poor fools don’t know what hell is going to befall on them.

The Telus Spark Drive-In

Adam cracks a crooked smile watching these people in their cars. He looks down on the self-inflicted scars going up his arms and his torso. Tonight, he and his followers will proudly show their scars that they gave themselves for their corrupt cause. They shall wear their ceremonial armor which consists of both men and women garbed in black and brown ripped clothing. When they cross over to the next world, they will look like the gods they are.

“Vassago!” Adam calls his right-hand man who has red hair and the same scars upon his body. “Is the sacramental blood ready?”

“Yes, my Dark Messiah.” He answers with a bow of his head. “We are all ready and waiting for the sign.”

“Good.” Adam says as a lurid smile appears on his face. The sacramental blood is that of a goat they have killed and drained only an hour ago. Combined with all of their blood, they should be able to achieve transcendence. Blood rituals are not unusual for them. Every Friday at midnight, the Mathiris tou Thanatos practice these rituals when their “week” is over. One week dies and another begins only to die again. Over and over. Such an event requires at least one being to give its life and the others to feast on it…RAW.

The large stereos announce the start of the movie and the bright screens light up the whole area. This is the signal they have been waiting for.

“It begins.” Adam whispers to the night.


The previews are starting. They are all about what is happening inside the Telus Spark Center from the digital galleries all the way to astronaut ice cream. It is something that many would refuse to miss. Suddenly, the slow, chilling piano theme of Halloween begins to play. It vibrates every person’s car door and windows, giving a perfectly creepy experience.

The First Torch

When the first scene lights up the area, Adam and his followers jump out of the bushes towards the cars. Silently at first as they kneel by people’s cars until Adam lights the first torch. Soon the others follow him. With fire torches blazing, chaos erupts. A male cultist takes a giant machete and starts breaking a screaming young couple’s car windows. A female cultist starts to jump up and down on a group of teenagers in their car, swinging a bat with nails on it in random directions before eventually hitting the car itself. Various other cultists run around wildly at different cars with different people inside. They break car windows, punch, bite, burn, and hit the innocent people inside causing a lot of harm and panic.

Adam makes his way to the mainstage in front of the movie screen. He stands up on the platform and holds his torch up high. “Prepare the Altars and our Circle!”

The revving of the motorcycles sound through out the theater. Two motorcyclists ride around the outside of the theater forming a circle with two other riders going in seemingly random paths. However, if one is looking down from the sky or up from below the ground, they would see a vigil of the gate to the land of darkness. It is a circle containing many triangle shapes and small loops. Other cultists bring forth large wooden platforms in the center of certain triangles that is meant for all to see.

The Motorcyclist

Adam lifts his torch a fraction higher before he drops it off on the ground beside him to illuminate the symbol. The large circle ignites in flames creating a wall of fire that is thirty feet high and blazing more than any wild fire created. It’ll keep interference out and the prisoners where he wants them. Adam looks at the crowd, seeing the terror in all the rubes that are sitting in their locked cars, just hoping that they won’t get killed. He smirks at this. He wonders how many of them are actually praying to get out alive when none of them will.

With sadistic glee Adam raises his arms and shouts. “Let the celebration begin!”

A loud cheer rings out from the cultists. Six cultists bring out large Cyr wheels moving between the cars and the larger pathways. Each one trying to out preform the other with acrobatic movements and swift body spins. A couple other cultists, lower themselves on steel chains to move with the air like birds of prey about to strike. The rest of them bring out several weapons that are aflame. They twirl them around and sing out in an ancient language that no one but them can understand.

Events are going according to plan. Adam smiles proudly as he walks towards the tallest platform and climbs up on it as soon as the lyra cultist has finished her dance. Raising his arms above his head, He calls out to the crowd. “Raise your chalices and bring the shared blood of our people! For tonight we cross into the next world!”

The Cyr Preformer

Another cheer rings out of the cultists in the crowd as two large men bring out a deep metal cauldron that has two wooden handles. The cultists kneel down before this metal pot that has the dark liquid of blood that they had collected from each other and the goat from earlier. The two men set the cauldron down before Adam. He puts his cup in to collect the blood. He puts it to his lips and drinks it like a desperate wanderer in a hot desert. The cultists ungulate as Adam raises his blood chalice to them.

“It has begun!” Adam announces. “Drink our lives and prepare our sacrifices.”

The cultists run to the bucket of blood and fill their chalices to drink. Minutes after their gruesome toast, they run to different cars that they had drawn vile symbols on with the excrement that they have collected before coming. Grabbing one screaming pedestrian after another, they bring them to before Adam in a circle. Each whimpering civilian is kneeling in front of the cultist that collected them. Adam walks around the circle, studying each person and he is very pleased. Not one person is the same. They have collected thirteen people of various ages, creeds, and sexes. Adam wishes to emphasize that death comes to any and all.

Adam silently walks into the center of the circle. He takes out a sharp-pointed dagger and raises it to the sky. “Leva Laminas!”

The cultists raise their daggers, mirroring Adam with a loud shout.

“Effunde sanguineaum sacrifiorium!” Adam yells and begins to point his blade towards the first person to his left.

Cultist in Chains

But before anything can happen, bright lights illuminate the whole area that are even brighter than the movie screen. Everyone stops and stares at the lights like they are being hypnotized by them. The light breaks apart into three life-sized figures that float down onto the platforms. They materialize into beautiful statuesque women clad in white garments. They stand still for a moment and look around at the chaos before them.

In an act of ritual, the women start to spin around with white fans and matching sashes in graceful circles. Due to their dance, the fires die off, all wounds on the innocent bystanders are miraculously healed, and the destruction of the cars is repaired in a matter of seconds. If anyone is watching this, it becomes obvious that these dancing women are angels.

The angels slowly float down to the ground and walk towards each person that is gazing up at them when they were in their shining form. It is clear to the angels that these people were victims and if not given some form of relief, they would be damaged beyond repair. In telepathic agreement, the angels decide to delete this event from the human’s minds and grant them a happier one. They don’t do this often but, in this case, it is needed.

Their eyes glow softly in a white sparkling light. The same light begins to show in the bystanders’ eyes. The last horrific moments in this theater are replaced by a happier version where everyone watched the show and had a good time. Slowly the people stand up and calmly walk to their cars. They all safely drive away, not remembering all that has happened tonight.

An Angel Appears

The cultists are still standing around gazing up to the sky still in the trance that the angels have put them in. The three angels walk around each cultist and murmur silently.

“The horrors you’ve created has consequences. Prepare yourselves for what happens next.” Say the angels in union as they walk in a circle and turn around to walk in the opposite direction. Suddenly they stop and lift their arms to the sky. “Open the gates to the world of night!”

A loud hum sounds in the air but no one in this realm can hear it. The ground starts to contort and twist while a large dark swirling portal appears. It looks black at first until small sparks of blue flames appear in various spots of the gates. The angels fearlessly look on as dark hands slowly pull the cultists inside. When they awaken, they will find themselves in a cold, dark realm where there is no hope, life, and darkness trumps light. The gate closes with all the cultists inside and everything is as it was before the attack.

“Their wish is fulfilled.” One angel says as she walks to the center of their circle. “They wanted to go to the next world.”

“True.” Another angel walks towards the center to face the other. “But they don’t know what they are in for in that world.”

“Hopefully they will learn from their mistakes in that horrible place.” Says the last angel as she walks to her sisters. “In the meantime, we must go back to the Nether Realm and make our report.”

The three angels nod in union, hold each others hands, and close their eyes. In seconds they turn into bright lights again and float up into the sky. They haven’t had a great disaster like this in over a thousand years. However, due to the last disaster, this is the first time that the powers-that-be have decided to prevent something like this from happening again. Hopefully it will be the last time that something like this happens again.

An Amazing Show!

Special Thanks to:

Telus Spark Centre Drive-In: For an awesome movie experience and delcious snacks that I got to enjoy in my car. 220 Saint George's Drive Northeast, Calgary, AB T2E 5T2.

Cirque De La Nuit: For their absolutely faboulous talents and filling us all with wonder. I look forward to your next show!


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