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Hearth of the Matter

The snow is falling and the air is getting colder as winter makes its way to us. You look up to the sky and see that there is no sun anymore, only clouds. The chilling atmosphere is sinking all the way down to your bones. It feels like you can’t even feel your fingers and toes anymore. If only you can find a warm, cozy place to hang out away from the maddening weather.

In our beautiful city, there are lots of cozy comfortable cafés, restaurants and pubs to rest on a soft chair and sit by a roaring fire. The perfect way to take a break from the slush and sleet is to find a fire to help warm you up. Here are some of the top places you will want to go in order to escape from the frost.

When we tread though all this snow, we can’t help but shiver. And when we shiver, we just want to run far out of Old Man Winter’s way. But in Calgary, we are lucky to have all of these wonderful services where we can sit down and snuggle up by a fireplace. So don’t hibernate too much this winter. Come on out, have a hot cup of tea, and enjoy some quality time with friends, old or new. It’s easy to do in a warm, hassle-free space.

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