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Fall Farmer's Markets

The sun is still hot from the summer, however the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn. As you watch these leaves go from a glorious green to a multitude of reds and yellows, you realize what is coming. Harvest time is just around the corner. You look up and see the clear blue sky, thinking about what this next season is going to bring. Things like pumpkin spice, s’mores, and hot apple cider come to mind.

“Where is a good place to get all of this?” You ask yourself. “But I want to make sure that I support local businesses too.”

The answers lie in now seven wonderful locations. Spread out in our fair city are various markets where local artisans, farmers, and many talented individuals are selling assorted wares to the public. What better way to welcome autumn than celebrating our local marketplaces? Here’s what our city offers.

Although we are sad to see summer go, it’s nice to know that there are things in the next season to look forward to. Not just the foods but holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. One of the best things about Calgary is we know how to make any time of year fun. So bring on the fall, we are ready for it!

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