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Escape Ops - Experience Review

*****5/5 Stars*****

Escape Ops Hall
Can you escape this long dark hall?

A fun escape in the city for those who want to be in their own action adventure is at Escape Ops. Our group did the Ops Cognition experience. This is the one where you had to find an uber talented hacker who is on the run from international law. You had to find all kinds of clues to solve the case and you only had a little over an hour to solve it. So the pressure is on!

Our friendly and informative host told us the rules and guided us to the room that we had booked while telling us the "situation" we were about to get into. He was fun and gave the place a burst of good vibes. If we needed help he was more than up for the challenge.

Escape Ops Lite
Let the Light Show the Way

Although we had solved the puzzle in our room, we were granted access to the bonus room and that was a huge challenge for us. Sadly we ran out of time with that one. So when you get your extra bonus that is even tougher than what you were doing before hand. Yes it was a lot of fun! Thankfully our host helped us out and we still got our chocolate prize in the end. Yum yum!

Not just for kids, this particular escape room was a great brain-teaser for us. We look forward to going back for more. We can't wait to see what else we can get ourselves into.

Escape Ops, Hall 2
WE Made it!

Find them here: 3-700 33 St NE, Calgary, AB T2A 5N9,

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